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Cute Clit Vibe Puts 2 Motors On Your Love Button!

And He Recharges!

Here's a guy that's easy to love –– and gives back so much more! He's got a smile that'll put one on your face...after you've gotten your breath back from coming so hard.

He's ready to become your favorite clitoral stimulator, maybe even the only one –– he's that good! A pair of alert silicone bunny ears are designed to treat your clitoris like royalty –– on both sides, simultaneously, until you come.

10 vibrating functions course through his nimble ears, thanks to not just one, but two motors inside his discreet head.

If you're prone to dozing off to dreamland after the total body quaking release of a good "O" –– there's no need to worry about leaving your Muse Rabbit Massager out in plain sight. Because he looks like a cute toy, one that brings you great pleasure!

To make the silicone feel even sexier against your lady bits, put a little water-based sex lube on this Rabbit's ears.

• Durable silicone and ABS construction
• Rechargable, charger included
• 3.5" tall, 2" wide, fits in your palm
• Press his eyes to activate 10 function controls
• Dual motor
• Accent LED lights up eyes, eyebrows and smile
• Waterproof

Wash your Muse Rabbit Massager after use with mild liquid soap and warm water. Pat dry with soft cotton towel and let him air dry completely. Do not plug into charger while wet or damp.

Your Muse Rabbit Massager will arrive in a gift-worthy box.

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Plastic, Silicone


Waterproof, Clitoral stimulator, Rechargeable, Battery Free, Multiple Speeds, Multiple Vibrations, Flexible


3.5 inches


2.00 inches



Power Source:


Customer Reviews - Muse Rabbit Massager

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Great for beginners... Maybe not for other levels   

on November 15, 2013

Let me start by giving you a break down of this toy. There are three speeds, and seven settings. As far as I've been able to determine, it seems that you can only adjust the speed on the constant vibration setting and not the other vibration patterns. It's rechargeable just like it says, however you have to do a tiny bit of playing with the jack in the rabbit to make sure it's secure and charging. It's eyes blink when it's charging - and if you find that when you charge it the first time if it blinks it's eyes a few times and "stops", adjust the jack again to make sure it's secure for charging. IT IS QUIET. Seriously. I can hear it when I'm using it over the top of my blankets, but under blankets I can't hear it. This is ideal for anyone looking for a toy that is quiet and economically friendly (it's a bit pricey yes, but with the recharging factor it spares you of buying batteries after batteries) You can use it in the shower, but don't submerge it under water - while there is good seal on the port for the jack, I wouldn't risk taking this in a bath tub for pleasure. That being said, I think A&E should change the water proof function to water resistant. The ears are flexible - you don't have just have to use the tips of the ears to play with yourself, you can put your clit between the ears and slide it up and down for a pleasurable experience. It really is small. Insanely small. It's smaller than an iPhone 4 in height, and fits comfortably in the palm of you hand. And the parts that light up aren't SUPER bright, but bright enough to be seen in the dark. In short, if you're a beginner with toys this might be for you. If you're experienced, don't get your hopes up. Now, for the draw backs. First, if you're into strong vibrations like I am, skip this and buy the Hitachi wand. Second; the light up factor is kinda creepy. When I play in the dark, I want it DARK, not some disco in my room. Third; the eyes are the buttons. They're small, and I find them difficult to press. I have better success pushing the buttons with my nails than I do with my thumbs. Fourth; the "controls". One eye is supposed to control speed, "move up" in the patterns, the other decrease in speed and "move down" in patterns. As far as I can tell, what ever button you use to turn it on (doesn't matter if it's right or left) will be your increase speed/move up button, and the other will be your decrease speed/move down button. There is no designated button like I was led to believe in the manual. Fifth; the price. I'm very grateful I did not pay full price for this. I bought this with a coupon on A&E after doing some research. This product can run anywhere from $40-$80. If you really want this toy that badly, shop around for a cheap price - that way you spend less time regretting paying full price for something that didn't get you off, and more time looking for a replacement. Side note: They say this comes in pink... mine came in purple! There are actually three colors out there; Pink, Purple and Black. When I originally ordered my desired products, the "highlight" of the package (this toy) was not in it. After contacting customer service (problem was handled quickly, nicely - my only complaint was the wait time I had for receiving the reshipment because of the holiday weekend) I received my Muse Rabbit Massager... in purple! The color doesn't bother me really, but I find it odd that if they have the product listed as pink, and sent a reshipment to me as purple, it makes me wonder if I could have exchanged this for a black one (because in my opinion.... something pink or purple with blue flashing lights is kinda unsettling versus something black with blue flashing lights) Overall: I like the plus qualities this toy has; quiet, small, rechargeable. But I miss my Hitachi wand dearly. I'll still keep it though, as it is a major plus with the quietness since I live in a 3 person house hold and don't need to them to "hear" about my personal interests and hobbies...
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