Wireless Venus Butterfly

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Wireless Venus Butterfly

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The World-Famous Butterfly Is Now Completely Hands-Free!

An Adam & Eve favorite for over 25 years, now with no wired controller! Enjoy the freedom of movement as the Wireless Venus Butterfly throbs your clit, vaginal lips and pubic mound towards a body-quaking orgasm! Soft, adjustable waist and thigh straps keeps it in place! Perfect for solo evenings or couples fun! Waterproof for fun in water. Removable push button bullet vibrator uses 1 AAA battery (sold separately).

Before the rabbit vibrator, there was the Butterfly vibrator...and there's nothing like wearing an Wireless Venus Butterfly, alone or with a partner! Your clit will flutter as the Butterfly vibrator nestles and flickers against your mound!

Position the removable bullet vibrator encased in soft jelly material for pin-point stimulation! The Butterfly lands perfectly on your erogenous zone thanks to adjustable straps made from soft, durable fabric –– you can even wear it under your clothes! Use the push button controller with just one hand and get ready to fly with this wild women's sex toy!

For the woman who wants stimulation from a vibrator without having to hold on to it, the hands-free experience of the Wireless Venus Butterfly vibrator is perfect –– and unique.  The Butterfly stays in place thanks to soft fabric leg and waist straps. It’s like wearing a G-string or garters with a small personal vibrator attached to the garment.  Alone or as a couple, the Wireless Venus Butterfly vibrator is fun, before and during sex!

Why is hands-free stimulation so exciting and so much fun? Now your hands are free to touch and explore your partner and yourself. Or use your hands to try a better position, especially if you wear the Wireless Venus Butterfly vibrator during sexual intercourse!

There are adventurous women who, perhaps on a dare at first, actually wear their Butterfly vibrator under clothing! A noisy club or riding in a car would be perfect for such a secret sex toy thrill! Tell your partner and enjoy their reaction!

Besides giving you freedom of movement –– you can even walk around or parade for your lover while wearing the Butterfly as it sends vibrations to your love mound –– this style of sex toy design has caught on because the entire female genital area is stimulated.
Because it's waterproof, wear your Wireless Venus Butterfly into the shower, tub or pool!

Your Wireless Venus Butterfly vibrator is powered by 1 AAA battery (sold separately). Clean up is easy with a warm, damp towel and perhaps a drop of mild soap. Unlike other Butterfly sex toys, this one has a waterproof vibrator. You can also use Adam & Eve Essentials Toy cleaner, available here at adamandeve.com.

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Waterproof, Clitoral stimulator, Adjustable, Single Speed, Single Vibration


3.5 inches


Cal Exotics




3.50 inches




1 AAA battery (sold separately)

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Customer Reviews - Wireless Venus Butterfly

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Too large   

on May 19, 2013

This was way too big to be comfortable between my boyfriend and I. I can get some clit stimulation just from sex so I was trying to find something that would fit between us and this was way too big.
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Broke after one use   

on October 19, 2012

I was very excited to receive this but was soon very disappointed. The straps broke right away and is poorly made in my opinion. It wasnt very comfortable to use either. I wouldnt recommend this product.
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Broke after 2 uses   

on October 8, 2012

The straps broke off of the device after only 2 uses. The rubber loop off of the butterfly broke completely, and it could not even be tied or rigged to work.
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Straps Broke   

on September 20, 2012

The straps broke the first time I put it on and I am not a large woman by any means (size 4 to be exact). The vibration is no where near strong enough. I was thoroughly unimpressed with this toy.
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Good Idea....Just not powerful enough   

on December 12, 2009

The product is a good thought just not powerful enough with its single speed. When I opened it, the box said multispeed but lived up to its online description and is only single speed. Like I said good intentions not enough power, Just like that 4 cyl car your parents gave you in high school.
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