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Bnaughty Unleashed Remote Bullet Features


Drives you wild with no one else knowing!
Batteries included so you can use as soon as you get it!
Free storage bag included

Scratch an itch during a boring meeting or tease your lover during a romantic dinner with this super discrete remote vibrator!

• Quiet and discrete for naughty fun in public
• Use alone or with a partner for extra thrills
• Operates up to 30 feet away
• Pick from 7 different vibration speeds and patterns
• Special oblong shape spreads vibrations out while exercising Kegels
• Antenna doubles as retrieval cord for easy, safe removal
• Waterproof for use almost anywhere
• Made from plastic with a comfortable soft coating
• Light-up LCD controller displays current vibration setting
• Bullet measures 1.5 inches across and 3 inches long, insertable
• Powered by 2 N batteries and 1 12-volt battery, included
• Free storage bag included

Designed to thrill you in public without anyone else knowing, this vibrator is super quiet for discrete fun whenever and wherever you want it! You can operate it yourself, but it’s much more fun to let your partner control it. That way, they can catch you by surprise for even more excitement! The vibrator has an operating range of up to 30 feet. This range can drop as the batteries get older and objects block the signal from the controller to the remote.

Pick from 3 different vibration speeds and 4 vibration functions. The current setting is displayed in detailed on the light-up LCD controller.

The special oblong shape of the bullet vibrator spreads vibrations throughout your vagina for a more satisfying and more stimulating experience than other bullet vibrators. The oblong shape is also easier for you to grip so you can hold the vibrator in place all night long while further toning your Kegel muscles.

A special cord extends from the bullet, giving you an easy to remove the bullet after inserting it inside your vagina. The cord also works as an antenna to increase the range of the remote.

The bullet vibrator is waterproof so you can enjoy it in the pool or hot tub and for easy cleaning.

The bullet vibrator measures 1.5 inches across at its widest point and 5.5 inches long, with up to 3 inches insertable. The bullet is made from plastic with a special soft coating for added comfort. The controller features a special light-up LCD screen to show the vibration power or function. The sex toy uses 2 N batteries and 1 12v battery, included.

And the vibrator comes with a special storage bag.

Adam and Eve recommends the Bnaughty Unleashed Remote Bullet Vibrator for couples to use during foreplay.

The bullet vibrator is compatible with Adam & Eve’s water-based sex lubes. After using the sex toy, wash it carefully in warm, soapy water or spray the bullet with sex toy cleaner. Rinse your bullet vibrator clean and wipe it off before letting it dry. Place your bullet vibrator and remote in the storage bag and hide them in a cool, dark place with the rest of your sex toy collection.

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Product Details



Pink, Black




Waterproof, Multiple Speeds, Multiple Vibrations, Wireless remote


5.5 inches


1.50 inches




2 N batteries (included)

Power Source:

Uses Batteries

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Great Idea, Poor Construction   

on January 23, 2012

Great toy for one use. The remote control does not work very often. It is not waterproof. Battery life is very short, and will need to be replaced with every use if the remote will work.
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Looking for better; but haven't found it yet   

Master Tenshi on April 12, 2014

So I bought this hoping that my pet would feel really naught with a bullet inside of her as I randomly buzzed her and brought her close then shut it off. Teasing her most of the day. The first time we "tested it" through out house, it worked as expected. I was pretty thrilled about this so I was eager to get her "outdoors" and try. Sadly though in my over eagerness, I used once at night to help tease her and batteries gave out (I didn't read the reviews here yet). No worries I thought I'll just go get some batteries...yeah, that's not happening. Both the batteries for the remote and the vibe itself are not just straight AA or AAA. The bullet part takes two N-type batteries, and the remote needs a 27A-type battery. Maybe a sex toy newb, but I've never heard of either of those, and couldn't find them at the drug store, walmart or radio shack. So batteries are def issue. I really enjoyed the concept of the toy, and REALLY wish there was something better, so I looked and looked. Nothing was found (even outside of Adam & Eve). Bit the bullet, bought new batteries. Ever since, not as good results on the remote. Not sure why, cannot explain it. Perhaps I used cheap batteries that aren't powering the remote as well? I'm not sure. Either way, minus points more here. Lastly, he bullet part opens by one side sliding towards the tip (the gray/black part you see in the picture is kind of like a gasket or sorts). According to my pet, she could feel the seam after we put it back together and this was uncomfortable... Like I said, love idea, haven't seen a better product for this type of thing; wish there was a company out there that could really knock this one out of the park, cause it's got great potential for fun, but I just don't think this is it. Better money could be spent else where.
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