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Remote Control Large Power Bullet

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Buzz her without laying a finger on her!

Batteries included so you can start using it immediately

If you want a more adventurous sex life, then you’ll love this wireless vibrator designed for use in public!

• Slips easily inside your body for discreet stimulation
• Wear it around town and use it in public for naughty thrills
• Pick from 10 different vibration speeds and patterns
• Small and discreet controller clips onto your keychain
• Range extends up to 25 feet away from controller
• Antenna doubles as a retrieval cord for your safety
• Waterproof for fun in the shower, pool or hot tub
• Measures 1.25 inches wide and 3 inches long, insertable
• Made from firm plastic with smooth coating for increased comfort
• Bullet vibrator uses 2 AAA batteries, included
• Wireless controller uses 2 12-volt batteries, included

The egg vibrator slides easily inside your body, with the antenna/retrieval cord dangling outside. With its quiet motor muffled even more by your body, you can discreetly wear and even use the vibrator almost anywhere – from hectic offices to sitting in traffic. While you could operate the remote yourself, it’s much more fun to give it to a work buddy or your partner… after telling them about your dirty secret. With someone else controlling the vibrator, you’ll never know when or where it’s going to turn on – it could happened during a crowded meeting or while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store. The suspense helps build up your anticipation, so when your partner does turn it on, the shock is sweeter and even more intense! The bullet makes the ultimate foreplay tool – just imagine how horny you’ll be after having your love box buzzed on and off all day long!

If you love trying out different vibration settings, then you’ll definitely enjoy this sex toy. There are 10 different vibration speeds and patterns for you to try – giving you hours of pleasure as you experiment with them all.

The wireless controller is about the same size as a keychain ornament. It even comes with a clip so you can quickly add it to your keychain to keep it from getting lost. The controller features an on/off button and two additional buttons to cycle through the vibration settings. Additionally, there’s a plastic cover that slides over the buttons and clips into place to keep the vibrator from turning on and off accidentally. The range of the wireless controller extends up to 25 feet. Please note that certain types of clothing, weather conditions and other factors may reduce the controller’s range.

The bullet vibrator comes with a 3-inch long antenna attached to the base. The antenna expands the vibrator’s wireless range and doubles as a retrieval cord for your safety. After inserting the bullet, you can use the cord to pull it out quickly and easily.

The bullet vibrator is 100% waterproof. This special feature allows you to safely use and enjoy the vibrator almost anywhere you go – whether you’re taking a morning shower and need a little extra something special to help you wake up or you’re trying to de-stress in the hot tub after a hard day. The watertight seal also makes cleaning easier since you don’t have to worry about keeping the motor and batteries dry.

The wireless vibrator measures 1.25 inches across and 3 inches long, insertable. The controller measures 1 inch wide and 2 inches long, so it can easily fit on your keychain. The vibrator is made from firm and durable plastic with a special smooth coating for added comfort. The bullet vibrator uses 2 AAA batteries, and the wireless controller uses 2 12-volt batteries. Both sets of batteries are included.

Adam & Eve recommends the Remote Control Large Power Bullet for adventuresome women and couples who enjoy doing naughty things in public.

The wireless bullet vibrator is compatible with Adam & Eve’s water-based and silicone-based sex lubes. After using the bullet vibrator, wash it in warm, soapy water and rinse it clean or spray it down with sex toy cleaner. Let the wireless vibrator dry before hiding it and the controller until next time.

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3.0 inches


1.25 inches






Waterproof, Multiple Vibration Modes, Vibrating, Batteries Included, Multiple Speeds, Remote control


2 AAA batteries (included)

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69 reviews

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Scores 5.9 out of 10 based on 69 reviews
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(1 out of 10)


Wi Happy & having fun
Wife thought vibration levels were good when it worked
First one didn't work got an exchange second one worked one time. Not worth the effort
Confirmed purchase: May 26 2016
Published on: June 23 2016
(9 out of 10)


Blue lake/CA Adventurous and experimental
Works well as a teaser or a get an 'O' if its resting on the clit hood. Variable levels all work. She picks her favorite 3 of 10. Have use it 10+ times and work out the tricks to keep using it. Read my Cons.
All day vibe tease and lend over and power suck her nipple with it on after 6 hours and she had an 'O' standing in line at the grocery store.
The seal ring is touchy, you cant tighten it closed too tight or the ring push out, ouch. You must take the batteries out each time because if you leave them in they go dead. With dead batteries it doesn't work at all. Hay, she likes a strong vibe each time so we just put new ones in when we're ready to use it. The various vibe settings is a person decision, you will pick your favorite and remember if it was #1, 2, 3,4....10. Its a near 'O' getter setting in the vaginal 'G' spot and all you'll have to do is kiss her nipple and she will lose it, or clit. But don't think she will ever blow with it inside her, unless its on the outside and on top of the clit hood.
Confirmed purchase: May 20 2016
Published on: June 17 2016
(6 out of 10)


Samson Alabama Happy & having fun
Multiple settings kept things changing. Good range.
Killed batteries very quickly and the "antenna" broke in about a week.
Confirmed purchase: April 28 2016
Published on: May 28 2016
(1 out of 10)


Elizabethton, TN Adventurous and experimental
Reviewer left no comment
The remote controls button and spring popped out on first use
Confirmed purchase: April 19 2016
Published on: May 22 2016

We offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Please call us at 800-765-2326, or email us at custserv@adameve.com, and we will be happy to help. We are available 24 hours a day. Thank you.

(1 out of 10)

Confirmed purchaser

Adventurous and experimental
Reviewer left no comment
always had to put new batteries in it to use it. Never lasted more than an hour on new batteries. Not strong enough to really feel it. Would never recommend this. Worst product ever.
Confirmed purchase: January 19 2016
Published on: May 15 2016

We offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Please call us at 800-765-2326, or email us at custserv@adameve.com, and we will be happy to help. We are available 24 hours a day. Thank you.

(9 out of 10)


Happy & having fun
Drove my girlfriend crazy!
It's sometime hard to close the bullet when installing/changing batteries.
Confirmed purchase: April 15 2016
Published on: May 13 2016
(2 out of 10)


Happy & having fun
Worked great, when working.
Only worked once.
Confirmed purchase: April 12 2016
Published on: May 10 2016

We offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Please call us at 800-765-2326, or email us at custserv@adameve.com, and we will be happy to help. We are available 24 hours a day. Thank you.

(6 out of 10)


Sebring,fl Happy & having fun
The distance with the remote is pretty far. I can be inside and my husband can go outside to the end of our drive way.
Not very intense
Confirmed purchase: April 06 2016
Published on: May 10 2016
(10 out of 10)


Millville, New Jersey Adventurous and experimental
Omg...there are so many ways you and your partner can enjoy this toy and so many places to....use you imagination.
None that I can think of...this little gem is awesome... Just use a soft hand soap to clean Pat dry with towel and to maintain the silky soft feel, rub it down with a little corn starch and place it in a dry cool place.
Confirmed purchase: November 11 2015
Published on: May 09 2016
(8 out of 10)


roseville mi. Just starting out
Reviewer left no comment
bullet could be a little smaller
Confirmed purchase: April 08 2016
Published on: May 06 2016
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