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Remote Control Large Power Bullet Features

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Buzz her without laying a finger on her!

Batteries included so you can start using it immediately

If you want a more adventurous sex life, then you’ll love this wireless vibrator designed for use in public!

• Slips easily inside your body for discreet stimulation
• Wear it around town and use it in public for naughty thrills
• Pick from 10 different vibration speeds and patterns
• Small and discreet controller clips onto your keychain
• Range extends up to 25 feet away from controller
• Antenna doubles as a retrieval cord for your safety
• Waterproof for fun in the shower, pool or hot tub
• Measures 1.25 inches wide and 3 inches long, insertable
• Made from firm plastic with smooth coating for increased comfort
• Bullet vibrator uses 2 AAA batteries, included
• Wireless controller uses 2 12-volt batteries, included

The egg vibrator slides easily inside your body, with the antenna/retrieval cord dangling outside. With its quiet motor muffled even more by your body, you can discreetly wear and even use the vibrator almost anywhere – from hectic offices to sitting in traffic. While you could operate the remote yourself, it’s much more fun to give it to a work buddy or your partner… after telling them about your dirty secret. With someone else controlling the vibrator, you’ll never know when or where it’s going to turn on – it could happened during a crowded meeting or while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store. The suspense helps build up your anticipation, so when your partner does turn it on, the shock is sweeter and even more intense! The bullet makes the ultimate foreplay tool – just imagine how horny you’ll be after having your love box buzzed on and off all day long!

If you love trying out different vibration settings, then you’ll definitely enjoy this sex toy. There are 10 different vibration speeds and patterns for you to try – giving you hours of pleasure as you experiment with them all.

The wireless controller is about the same size as a keychain ornament. It even comes with a clip so you can quickly add it to your keychain to keep it from getting lost. The controller features an on/off button and two additional buttons to cycle through the vibration settings. Additionally, there’s a plastic cover that slides over the buttons and clips into place to keep the vibrator from turning on and off accidentally. The range of the wireless controller extends up to 25 feet. Please note that certain types of clothing, weather conditions and other factors may reduce the controller’s range.

The bullet vibrator comes with a 3-inch long antenna attached to the base. The antenna expands the vibrator’s wireless range and doubles as a retrieval cord for your safety. After inserting the bullet, you can use the cord to pull it out quickly and easily.

The bullet vibrator is 100% waterproof. This special feature allows you to safely use and enjoy the vibrator almost anywhere you go – whether you’re taking a morning shower and need a little extra something special to help you wake up or you’re trying to de-stress in the hot tub after a hard day. The watertight seal also makes cleaning easier since you don’t have to worry about keeping the motor and batteries dry.

The wireless vibrator measures 1.25 inches across and 3 inches long, insertable. The controller measures 1 inch wide and 2 inches long, so it can easily fit on your keychain. The vibrator is made from firm and durable plastic with a special smooth coating for added comfort. The bullet vibrator uses 2 AAA batteries, and the wireless controller uses 2 12-volt batteries. Both sets of batteries are included.

Adam & Eve recommends the Remote Control Large Power Bullet for adventuresome women and couples who enjoy doing naughty things in public.

The wireless bullet vibrator is compatible with Adam & Eve’s water-based and silicone-based sex lubes. After using the bullet vibrator, wash it in warm, soapy water and rinse it clean or spray it down with sex toy cleaner. Let the wireless vibrator dry before hiding it and the controller until next time.

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Waterproof, Multiple Speeds, Multiple Vibrations, Wireless remote


3.0 inches


1.25 inches






2 AAA batteries (included)

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Customer Reviews - Remote Control Large Power Bullet

Very dissatisfied   

on January 13, 2014

I received this product in the mail. When I put the batteries in it didn't even turn on. I never even got to use it. I sent it back the very next day. Adam and Eve really need to test their products before they send them out. However I did appreciate the return policy but we will see if I get my money back.
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great, the first and only time it worked   

on January 8, 2014

worked wonderfully at a sushi restaurant with wooden benches (the resonance added to the effect) but never worked again. the remote lights up but nada. sad.
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a favorite... but...   

on December 8, 2013

My husband and I really enjoy this toy, but we have actually replace it twice now. We have tried several different wireless toys and this by far has the farthest range, stays in place the best and has great vibrations without being loud. (if you are in a very quiet room and know what you are listening for you can hear it.)and the controller is by far the least obvious, the black one just looks like key fob for a car so my husband fiddling with it doesn't draw attention. But this toy isn't perfect. It eats batteries pretty quickly, if we are going to be out for the whole day I carry an extra pack of batteries in my purse. And eventually the motor burns out. Our first one lasted a few months being used for a few hours a few times a week. Our second one went on a long trip with us and didn't make it home. I would estimate that the motor lasts about 18 hours. The range seems to vary a bit from unit to unit, our first one had a range of about 15 feet, and our second one worked from the other end of a department store with several walls and shelves between us. But if I could make one improvement to this toy I would make the remote vibrate along with the toy through the first cycle of a new setting so that my husband knew what setting we were on. At the end of the day, despite its flaws this is the best remote option I have found. We love taking it out on "date night" or even to make a boring grocery run a little more fun. It would be nice if, given it's somewhat disposable nature, it had a lower price, but it's fun enough we keep replacing it.
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NOT quite at all!   

on November 21, 2013

Just got this in the mail and so I wanted to test it out before I handed the remote to my man out In public and I'm so glad that I did! It is LOUD! It did the job but it wasn't discreet at all. If you decide to get this I would use it around the home for a tease of what will come later. Debating if I want to return it or not.
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Do Not Buy   

on September 8, 2013

While it worked, it was fantastic! I bought one and it stopped working within 2 days. Since it was within the warranty time I took it in and got another. The 2nd one stopped working the day that I got it. Garbage. Waste of money.
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on August 7, 2013

we have used this several times and love it. it is the perfect sive and is fun to ue in public. the remote could be better and I do not always know if I turned it on..
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little disappointed   

on June 10, 2013

Bought this for a little couple fun with my husband. Says the distance was more than it actually goes. :-( Not that powerful even on the highest setting. All in all I would say it's just okay.
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One time use   

on June 3, 2013

Used it once and it was amazing. took it out for a second time and it was dead even when i changed out the batteries. Cheap over-priced product
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"OMG" - her new fave   

Saynaykid on May 5, 2013

We love this toy. Comfortable enough to wear around town while playing on the sly and quiet enough to keep it a secret. Remote is easy to use. She really loves the variable speed pulsing modes.
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Mobile pleasure   

Oshisd on January 9, 2013

Recently bought this to have fun with my sub while out and around. Had a chance to use it at NYE party. Not only was the effect on her amazing, but friends we were with loved the way her eyes suddenly glazed over when I would turn it on. Two friends insisted they need to get this too. Plus: it is larger than most remote devices I have seen and has more settings. Minus: there is no way to tell by looking at the remote if it is on or off of what setting it is on. Summary: was great fun and I was very pleased that I got it
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