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10 Function Vibrating Anal Wand Features

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Anal Wand Plunges Deeper Than Ever!

Discover brand-spanking new pleasure spots with this far reaching anal wand vibrator!

• Go deeper than ever with a 9 inch insertable shaft!
• Flexible wand bends and twists to comfortably fit your body
• Graduated beads adapt to your experience level
• Try 10 vibration modes backed by dual motors for extra power
• Special boost button provides extra power
• Measures 1.25 inches wide and 9 inches long, insertable
• Made from a silicone shaft with a plastic handle.
• Vibrator uses 4 AAA batteries, sold separately

With its incredible 9 inch long shaft, this wand allows you to probe deeper than almost any other anal toy on the market! You’ll feel incredible satisfaction as it reaches deep inside your body while filling you up at the same time. The smooth shaft is extremely flexible and bends easily to fit your body’s natural shape for unequaled comfort. As a further bonus, the beaded shaft is ideal for all levels of users. You can easily judge your skill level based on the number of beads you can handle. And you’ll be able to take more and more of them as you gain experience.

The anal wand features dual motors – one in the tip and one near the base to leave every inch of your backdoor humming in sheer bliss. There are 10 different vibration modes for you to try, including multiple speeds and patterns. A special boost button even intensifies the current setting for increased power and pleasure.

The vibrator measures 1.25 inches across at its widest point and 13.5 inches long, with up to 9 inches insertable. The shaft of the sex toy is made from silicone, a material prized for being hypoallergenic as well as nonporous. These properties make silicone toys safe for people with sensitive skin and severe allergies as well as making them easier to clean. The handle and controller is made from plastic. The vibe is powered by 4 AAA batteries, sold separately.

Adam & Eve recommends the 10 Function Vibrating Anal Wand for prostate stimulation and backdoor thrills.

The anal vibrator is compatible with Adam & Eve’s water-based sex lubes. Wash it thoroughly in hot water with antibacterial soap after each use. Let the vibe dry and then store it in cool, discreet location.

Due to manufacturer pricing policies, we are unable to offer further (all) discounts on this item.

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9.0 inches


Anal stimulator, Hypoallergenic, Multiple Speeds, Multiple Vibrations, Uses Batteries


1.25 inches


Male, Female


4 AAA batteries (sold separately)

Power Source:

Uses Batteries


XR Brands

Customer Reviews - 10 Function Vibrating Anal Wand

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
Oh, Wow.   

on September 4, 2014

I admit I was apprehensive about this toy due to a low rating and a not-so-low price, but I used a code and got 50% off and free shipping so I figured: Why not? Glad I did. Feels great and is easy to manipulate. I like the vibration controls being buttons and not a rotating dial, rotating dials can be a pain to manipulate while in use. The vibration settings are pretty good. The lowest setting is pretty strong. The second is a little higher than I would like, it's a big step up, I feel there should have been a setting in between the two. And I cannot get to the third, it's a little too much for me. There are several different alternate vibration settings if that's your thing. The length is the best part of this toy though. You can get it all the way in and still have some left over. And because it is pliable, one doesn't have to contort themselves to use it to best of its ability.
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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful

on July 1, 2014

I was a bit worried about the size and length and hoped my wife could handle it. Oh she could - over and over! It is very flexible and and painlessly inserted to full length. It drives her over the edge every time. So many settings of vibration and intensity - this is a MUST for a him or her.
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1 person found the following review helpful
Electronics, single use   

on May 28, 2014

An appealing accessory, but electronic function worked once fine, but on the second use, fizzled out. Otherwise, would have been a useful toy / tool
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1 person found the following review helpful
It wasn't functional!!!   

on June 16, 2014

Got this toy and it didn't work! The control portion with the buttons would light up, but there was not function, no vibration, nothing. It is junk. And expensive at that!
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