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Clear Pink Passion Plug Small

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Discover why people love butt plugs!

Experience the full, sweet feeling of wearing a butt plug during sex or masturbation (or anytime)! A vibrating bullet inside each soft, clear jelly plug stimulates and arouses with delicious vibrations! Suction-cup base sticks to any smooth surface for steady and smooth penetration. Choose Small or Large. Uses 2 AA batteries (sold separately).

Small is 4 1/2” long and tapers to 1” wide. Great for anal beginners!

Product Details

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4.5 inches


1.00 inches

Best Used For:

Anal stimulation, Penetration


Suction-Cup Base, Battery Operated, Vibrating, Multiple Speeds


2 AA batteries (sold separately)

Power Source:

Uses Batteries



Customer Reviews

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Here's a list of the questions other shoppers have asked owners of the Clear Pink Passion Plug Small

  1. Jess asked on
    Can this toy go in my ass and vagina?
    Is it painful in any way?
    Would this be a good starter toy because my husband and I both have very tight butt holes?
    Is it safe to put all the way up in to me like completely inside or will it get stuck?
    Give reasons with ur answers so I can explain to my husband. Thank you.

    1. BRIAN replied on
      You can probably use this toy in your ass or vagina but I would probably just use it i your ass.

      It is not painful at all. The tapered end allows it it to b inserted very easily. Now it you have never had anything in your ass before there might be a little discomfort when inserting it but it goes away very quickly.

      Yes, this would be a GREAT starter. It was my starter toy. Its not to big but yet just big enough.

      Yes it is safe to put it all the way in your ass. I do and it feels amazing. It makes my orgasm twice as good. It will not get stuck. I do find how ever, when I am thrusting hard it can pop out sometimes.
  2. BoB asked on
    Is it made with latex?
    1. DUSTIN replied on
      Yes it is.
  3. Matt asked on
    Hi Can you tell me what material this plug is made of?
    1. AWILDA replied on
      Same material as a vibrator. Semi soft. Easy to use.
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