Vibr-O-Man Better Sex Kit

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Upgrade Your Performance With 3 Vibes!

Get everything you need to perform at your peak and beyond in this convenient silicone sex toy kit! The Vibr-O-Man Better Sex Kit includes a tantalizing tongue vibe, nubby finger vibe, and a vibrating erection ring to thrill in three unique ways. Each vibe buzzes with more than 30+ minutes of powerful vibration to ensure ultimate satisfaction.

•    Vibr-O-Man Better Sex Kit
•    Set of three vibrators
•    Made from soft silicone
•    Tongue vibrator
•    Finger vibrator
•    Vibrating penis ring
•    Each toy vibrates for 30+ minutes
•    Soft nubs for extra texture
•    Assorted colors
•    Water resistant
•    Disposable

Be ready to blow your lover’s mind! The Vibr-O-Man Better Sex Kit arms you with three unique vibrators, all ready to go right out of the package for instant thrills.

Not sure where to begin? Give the vibrating tongue ring a test drive. The stretchy silicone band slips around your tongue. Switch the vibe on to feel the vibrations reverberate throughout the toy and your tongue.

Give your tongue a rest by switching to the finger vibe. This vibe slips onto any finger, and is perfect for pinpoint stimulation. Soft ridges add extra texture as wherever you use the finger vibe.

Finally, try out the Vibr-O-Man Better Sex Kit’s vibrating penis ring for a satisfying finale. The stretchy yet soft and comfortable silicone ring stays easily in place while it provides a natural boost. Switch on the vibrations to add a surge of power!

You can use each vibrator in the Vibr-O-Man Better Sex Kit one at a time, or combine their effects in different ways for a truly steamy and memorable encounter. This sex toy set is perfect for couples experimenting with sex toys, and for anyone looking for an addition to their next romantic rendezvous.

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1.5 inches




Single Speed, Single Vibration, Flexible, Stretchy, Batteries Included, Uses Batteries


1.50 inches






Screaming O

Power Source:

Uses Batteries

Customer Reviews - Vibr-O-Man Better Sex Kit

Poor battery life   

Anonymous on April 8, 2015

My boyfriend and I wanted to try these out, they looked fun but unfortunately upon trying them, 2 of the 3 did not work. They just were not what we wanted. I would not recommend especially for the price!
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