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The Gigolo Sex Machine

Item# 685A
Backordered - Ships 12/24/2016
Price: $799.95
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The Gigolo Sex Machine
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The Gigolo Sex Machine  
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The Gigolo Sex Machine

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The Lover That Never Stops!

With up to 240 thrusts per minute, a multi-speed remote control and rugged durability, this heavy-duty sex machine is designed for serious pleasure.

Enjoy intense thrusting power with an industrial-strength motor

  • Try 16 different speeds so you can enjoy it slow & steady or fast & hard
  • Adjust how deep it thrusts up to 4 inches for “all the way in”
  • Control it easily during playtime with the wireless remote
  • Hit the perfect spot in multiple positions with the fully adjustable design
  • Works with any Vac-U-Lock sex toy; 8-inch realistic dildo included
  • Enjoy long-lasting fun with the heavy-duty metal base and chassis
  • Never run out of juice with the electric powered motor

Powered by a special industrial-strength motor, the Gigolo Sex Machine delivers one O after another for the most intense sexual experience you’ve ever had! The sex machine features 16 different speeds of smooth and steady thrusting. Start out with slow and steady pumping to get used to the intense power. Then steadily increase the speed, going faster and harder until you’re quivering from head to toe. When it’s cranked all the way up, the Gigolo can deliver up an amazing 240 thrusts per minute – that’s fast enough to satisfy even the most hard-to-please user!

You can also control just how much the sex machine thrusts. The Gigolo features 6 different thrusting depths for you to try – from one inch for “just the tip” teasing up to four inches for “all the way in” satisfaction.

The Gigolo Sex Machine comes with a wireless remote for easy control. Simply turn the remote and the sex machine on and then hit the play button for the fun to begin. You can then adjust the speed using the plus and minus buttons on the remote – even while you’re using the sex machine. Or you can give the remote to your partner and let them call the shots for even more fun. The remote uses one 12-volt battery, two are included.

With its extensive range of motion, you can use the Gigolo Sex Machine in virtually any position. The thrusting arm moves up and down and swings from side to side so you can position it just right. It also tilts so you can change the angle of penetration. Leave the arm flat for missionary, angle it to focus on your G-Spot or point it almost straight up for standing cowgirl. This makes the Gigolo one of the most versatile sex machines around!

A large realistic dildo is included with the sex machine for immediate satisfaction. The dildo features a penis-shaped tip for easy entry and a vein-covered shaft for extra stimulation. The realistic dildo is made from soft and flexible TPR. It measures 1.5 inches wide by 8 inches long for deep penetration. The sex machine comes with a special adaptor for the thrusting rod so you can use it with any Doc Johnson Vac-u-Lock sex toy.

The sex machine comes with several different safety features for care-free fun. A special electrical cut-out protection limits just how deep and how fast the thrusting arm can go for your safety. The motor is fully enclosed with a fixed thrusting rod to keep it from catching on anything.

The Gigolo Sex Machine is made according to industrial specifications for heavy-duty fun. The base and body are anodized metal, giving the sex machine a stylish look and extremely durable design. A see-through panel with blue LED lighting lets you watch the motor in action. The 40 Watt 24v high torque motor features special low-friction slider bearings for smooth and effortless thrusting. The sex machine is electric powered to keep it pumping away until you’re done.

The Gigolo Sex Machine measures 12 inches wide by 17 inches high by 38 inches long. It weighs about 20 pounds, making it much lighter and easier to use than similar sex machines.

Due to manufacturer pricing policies, we are unable to offer further (all) discounts on this item.

Product Details

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Metal, TPR


Male, Female


15.00 inches

Power Source:

Uses Batteries, Electric


Adjustable, Batteries Included, Multiple Speeds, Remote control, Thrusting action, Attachments, Electric


22 inches

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