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Extreme Toyz Collection
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Extreme Toyz Collection  
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Extreme Toyz Collection

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You Need An Extreme Toy Collection To Enjoy Extreme Sex!
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Filled with a wide range of sex toys (including anal, couples and vibrators), this huge sex toy kit is just what you need to fulfill your fantasies… no matter how dirty they get!

The Extreme Toyz Collection includes:

Multi-speed Vibrator
Everything a woman in need of a little alone time could want, this vibrator is perfect for masturbation and foreplay. The long shaft is perfect for delivering vibrations deep inside her, while doubling as a nice body massager. Measures 6.5 inches long and 1 inch wide. Powered by 2 AA batteries, sold separately.

Waterproof Multi-speed Egg Vibrator
Perfect for teasing her clit and nipples, the egg vibrator is great for foreplay. The small shape helps focus vibrations for maximum arousal and pleasure. And you can even use it with other sex toys in your collection to give them new life. Just twist the dial controller to vary the vibrator’s speed from low to high… and everywhere in between! And the egg vibrator is even waterproof so you can enjoy it in the shower or tub for extra fun. Powered by 2 AA batteries, sold separately.

Realistic Dildo
This large dildo is shaped like a penis for a more life-like experience. The penis-shaped tip makes penetration easier, while the raised veins running all over the shaft tease and stimulate your vagina with every thrust. The dildo is firm for easy insertation, but flexible enough to adjust to your body's natural curves. Measures 6.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.

Ben Wa Balls
Made for Kegel exercises and low-key stimulation, the duo-tone balls are the kind of sex toy you can wear all day… even to work and around town! The two balls pop easily inside your body. Once inserted, you can use them to tone your Kegel muscles just by squeezing and contracting them. A daily Kegel exercise routine will help tighten you up and give you stronger orgasms. As a bonus, each ball has a special weight inside that moves as you do – gently stimulating your vajayjay all day long until your panties are soaking when you finally get home! Note that the balls are more effective if you move a lot – so they perform much better when your jogging than sitting behind a desk.

Anal Beads
This 12.5-inch long string is the perfect introduction to anal sex. The beads start out incredibly small at just 0.25 inches in diameter, and they gradually increase in size, maxing out at 1 inch across. As you become more comfortable with anal penetration, you can fit more and more of the increasingly larger beads inside. And when you finally reach that last bead, you’re ready to move up to the next level of anal toys – butt plugs and dildos! For your safety, the anal beads come with pull ring on the end so you can remove them easily.

Butt Plug
The next step in anal stimulation, this slender sex toy slips easily inside your backdoor with just a bit of lube and experience. The 4-inch long shaft starts out extremely narrow before expanding to an inch across and then shrinking again. This unique shape helps you hold the butt plug in place with your sphincter ring so you can enjoy anal penetration even during sex. And the T-shaped base ensures you don’t accidentally insert the butt plug too deep – saving you an embarrassing doctor’s visit.

Penis Ring
Soft and stretchy, the lip-shaped penis ring can fit almost any sized man. Just slip the penis ring around the base of his shaft to enhance both of your sex lives. The snug fit of the ring limits blood flow from the penis, giving him a boost in girth and length. At the same time, the unusual feeling of the penis ring helps delay ejaculation so he can perform for longer than ever before.

Penis Sleeves
These two jelly sleeves, similar to French ticklers, slip around his shaft for extra stimulation. The longer sleeve fits around the tip of your shaft and features a realistic tip for easy penetration, ribs to massage your G Spot and ticklers around the base to tease your clit and lips. The shorter penis sleeve hugs his shaft to boost his girth and increase her pleasure with a variety of large pleasure nubs and ticklers.

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2 AA batteries (sold separately)

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Vibrating, Enhancing, Manual, Strengthening

Customer Reviews - Extreme Toyz Collection

Good Starter   

Anonymous on January 21, 2015

The kit isn't bad but those of us who are more well endowed won't be able to use the sleeve. The bullet is great for the ladies and my girl loves the ben wa balls.
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Great couples kit   

MaddyMae on December 18, 2014

The multi-speed Vibrator does the job but is a little skinny for my taste and does not seem to have as large a range of speeds as advertised. The waterproof Multi-speed Egg Vibrator has been tons of fun with a great, slowly increasing vibration control. However, I don't find that the "waterproof" label is entirely accurate. After the first time ever using in the shower I noticed that it seemed to be damp on the inside of the bullet (plastic is transparent) and now there is visible rust. The good news is that it is still going strong. I really love the Realist Dildo. The exaggerated raised veins are great and gets me off every time. I am personally not a fan this style of anal beads so I won't say anything on that. The Butt plug is a manageable size for those not too advanced in anal play but the tip is a bit scratchy because of the mold seam so make sure to smooth that out and use lubrication. I noticed a review saying that the sleeves melted, this was not the case for mine and I believe that could have been avoided if stored properly (and if they weren't received already damaged). Some types of rubbers and materials will react if touching which can cause the melting effect. This is why I store all mine in a way to make sure they are not touching. Stay sexy, my friends!
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very happy   

Anonymous on November 25, 2014

I got this set as a please me birthday gift for my husband. (its his faveret floor play in the world.) we used almost all of it the first night. (We were out of new batterys the first night.) there is nothing we dont love to use and love the way all of it is made. Its a great buy.
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Kayla on November 20, 2014

This really gets a 3.5 the bullet and dildo are good but the anal beads really should have been on a string was hard and uncomfortable the Ben wa balls shouldn't have been on string they actually cases me to bleed a little because of it the butt plug was ok the vibe was not very powerful and I can't really rate the sleeves due to not using them yet but overall I'd have rather bought a few of the items separately
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It melted!!!   

on November 10, 2014

The two plastic sleeves for the vibrator MELTED! I read another review stating that this happened for them too, however there weren't a ton of details and no other reviews mentioned this problem. I purchased the product and stored everything in a cool, dry, dark place. Yesterday I happened to look through my box only to find that the two sleeves melted over all the other things in the box leaving a gooey, sticky mess on everything. The other items are good but the two sleeves about ruined my entire collection! DO NOT recommend.
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Extreme Toyz Collection   

Anonymous on October 21, 2014

These toys are great. The only one my husband and I do not care for is the Butt plug. The point on it is to sharp. Everything else is amazing.
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Love options!   

Anonymous on September 1, 2014

I like having different options during four play! This collection has it all! Can't go wrong with this one!
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not made for "normal" equipment   

Anonymous on August 31, 2014

The extender and sleeve are way too small...and I am of average size...the butt plug was also way too small and I am a beginner in that realm also. Every time I felt a little gas, it came out. I refuse to try the beads since it is like 18" total length, and the dildo is the biggest 6.5" I have EVER seen.
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Poor Quality Toys   

Anonymous on August 13, 2014

My girlfriend and I bought this pack looking to try something new and were looking forward to the variety in toys. However what we found was that the material the toys are made out of are very flimsy and poor quality and many of the toys ripped and became unusable after just a few sessions. Also the vibrations produced from the vibrator and egg were less than stellar for her.
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Too Many Choices   

Happy Hubby A1+++ on July 16, 2014

I bought this for my wife and she loved it. So many choices makes it hard to know which toy to start with.. That's easy to fix.. Just use them all... We love it..
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