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Lovelife Adventure Triple Stimulator Features

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Set Off For Orgasmic Adventure With 3 Stimulators!

Rechargeable for endless fun!

Hit all your pleasure points at once! The luxurious Lovelife Triple Stimulator simultaneously thrills your clit, G-Spot, and even your sensitive backdoor with 3 separate motors. The silky-soft silicone surface feels so good massaging your hot spots with 7 different pulsation patterns. You can even increase or decrease each pattern’s power with 6 separate intensity level settings. (7 patterns x 6 intensity settings = 42 ways to play!) Play up to 1.5 hours on a single charge!

•    Lovelife Adventure Triple Stimulator
•    Silky and squeezeable silicone surface
•    Firm ABS inner core and handle
•    5” insertable shaft
•    3 motors, one in each tip
•    7 patterns of pulsation and vibration
•    6 intensity level settings
•    On/off, increase, and decrease controls
•    Up to 1.5 of play on a single charge
•    Full charge in 2.5 hours
•    LED charging indicator light
•    Includes USB charging cable
•    Satin storage bag

Bring the spirit of adventure into your love life with the Lovelife Adventure Triple Stimulator. This luxurious silicone massager hits every one of your hot spots. The curvy and smooth 5” shaft slides inside for exquisite G-Spot stimulation. While you probe deep, the raised nub in the front of the vibrator buzzes your clit with amazing power. And in back, another raised nub teases your backdoor for bonus stimulation without the penetration.

Before your first use, connect the included USB charging cable to a computer or wall adapter. Plug the other end into the base of your Lovelife Adventure Triple Stimulator. The control panel’s LED light will blink to indicate charging. When it’s fully charged, the light will glow steadily. Disconnect, and you’re ready to play.

To start the vibrations, hold down the function button on your Lovelife Adventure Triple Stimulator for 3 seconds. You’ll feel your vibrator buzz to life and send power to all three vibration points. Tap the plus or minus control buttons to increase or decrease the vibration intensity. Tap the function button again to explore seven pulsation and vibration patterns. Don’t worry if you can’t get through a full circuit the first time – this sexy vibrator will be recharged and ready for the next round before you know it.

The Lovelife Adventure Triple Stimulator has a splashproof silicone shaft and nubs, but you should take care not to immerse your sex toy or get water into the charging socket. Clean your Lovelife vibrator’s nubs and shaft with mild soap and water or Adam & Eve toy cleaner. Store in the included satin storage bag.

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Plastic, Silicone


5.0 inches


Rechargeable, Multiple Speeds, Multiple Vibrations, Flexible





Power Source:



1.3 inches

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The Best Kind of Adventure   

on June 5, 2014

I wasn't sure if it would hit all the right spots at first, but after the first use I could not get enough. It hit my gspot just right and when moving it up and down it hit my clit and tickled my booty at the same time. Very fun and interesting new sensations. If you love a rabbit than try this and you will not be disappointed.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful

on August 11, 2014

We have had this toy for just over 2 weeks and it rocks my wife! She has named it Big Boy and loves her boy! Powerful and very easy to manipulate. Handle is great for hanging onto when excitement is peaking. Highly recommend.
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