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Sex Swings

Sex Swings at Adam & Eve

You don’t need years of yoga to try exotic positions when you’ve got a sex swing! Long considered the ultimate sex toy for couples, sex swings are a great way to explore your kinkier side. Love swings are especially useful for older couples who aren’t as flexible as they used to be. Love swings provide the extra support needed to try a wide range of exotic sex positions. Additionally, sex swings help spice up old favorites like missionary and doggy by doing a lot of the work for you… all you have to do is give your lover a push! If you’re not quite ready to hang up a full-fledged sex swing in your home, then you could try a sex sling instead. Sex slings are position aids that can be thrown over your shoulders or a door and used to support your partner during sex. In a way, sex slings are like a beginner’s version of a love swing.