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Sex Swings

You don’t need years of yoga to try new and exciting positions with an Adam & Eve sex swing. Long considered the ultimate toy for couples, sex swings are a great way to explore your wild side.

Swings provide support and flexibility, allowing you and your partner to spice up old favorites or explore more challenging positions with comfort. Perfect for a variety of positions, sex swings feature stirrups and handles to allow you to change angles quickly.

If you’re not quite ready to install a full-fledged sex swing in your home, try a sex sling instead. Sex slings are position aids that can be thrown over your shoulders or a door and used to support your partner during sex. They use leverage to lift your legs and hips higher, all hands free and designed to reduce strain.

Great for partners with height differences, those with mobility issues, and anyone who wants to experience weightless sex, sex swings are an exciting addition to any bedroom repertoire. 

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