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Super Stroker & Girth Enhancer

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Super Stroker & Girth Enhancer
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Super Stroker & Girth Enhancer
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Super Stroker & Girth Enhancer

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Superior Stroker Or Monster Girth Enhancer? You Decide!

From the second you slide inside, this big 7” stroker works your tool with an intense multi-ridged love tunnel. Watch through the clear jelly as you explode inside, or add generous amounts of lube and try it out as a girth-enhancing penis sleeve! Thickness lovers will moan as the huge 2½” wide tip penetrates so deep! Flared base gives you a great grip.

• Super Stroker & Girth Enhancer
• 7” length with 2½” wide tip and 3” base
• Made from stretchy and flexible TPE jelly
• Snug opening with multi-ridged love tunnel
• Reservoir inner tip for comfortable use
• Shaped tip for intense penetration
• Adds inches of girth
• Flared base for secure grip

Whether you want super stroking or a super girthy sleeve, the Super Stroker & Girth Enhancer sex toy is your sex toy solution! This 2-in-1 stroker and girth enhancer’s soft jelly feels amazing sliding over your shaft and squeezing deep into your lover’s box. Inside, the snug love tunnel’s intense ridges and chambers work your willy. Outside, this stroker’s shape lets you use it as a large size-enhancing penis sleeve.

To use the Super Stroker & Girth Enhancer as a stroker, just apply a little of your favorite sex lube and slide on in. The thick jelly material feels so good, especially when you squeeze it around your shaft. The love tunnel’s intense ridges let you feel amazing friction with every stroke, and the reservoir tip leaves you room for an incredible climax. Watch all the action through the stroker’s clear jelly material.

Then introduce the thrill-seeker in your life to the Super Stroker & Girth Enhancer’s intense length and width. At a total size of 7” long and 3” wide at the base, you’ll need plenty of patience and arousal to achieve intense penetration. The 2½” tip’s rounded end alone will be enough to test the biggest size queens. Just use your hand to grip the base as you thrust to keep your Super Stroker & Girth Enhancer firmly in place. Feel huge and satisfy your biggest fantasies with this penis enhancing sleeve.

No matter which way you use it, bring along plenty of lube to make your experience with the Super Stroker & Girth Enhancer mind-blowingly orgasmic. Clean with Adam & Eve toy cleaner, then rinse your stroker thoroughly and let dry before each use.

Due to manufacturer pricing policies, we are unable to offer further (all) discounts on this item.

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7.0 inches


Textured shaft


2.50 inches, 3.00 inches





Customer Reviews - Super Stroker & Girth Enhancer

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He's big! But if used right...   

Anonymous on February 10, 2015

I've used other extensions and my GF loves to change it up sometimes. Shes tiny (Asian) and we started using toys over the past year or so. I got this one to see if she would experiment or run away. I used a couple of toys and made sure she was super wet. I then took it out (warmed up in water) put it on, lubed it well and slowly inserted the tip. It's squishy so I tried to squeeze the tip so she didn't notice the girth so much. After rubbing the tip around her lips and clit, she began to open up and moan. I squeezed the tip smaller and inserted it slowly. After a few slow strokes, I went balls deep and she had her butt off the bed taking it all! She came like crazy and she was shocked (embarrassed) that she took it all. And loved it. I took it off and we both had a great finish.
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Anonymous on December 26, 2014

Only got the head in as we had already been posting a while and she was ready, she did next time we will start with this one to see if she can take the whole thing, she was a little nervous because of the size but excited also, can't wait to try it again
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Is this what having a baby feels like?   

on October 12, 2014

My husband and I bought this thinking it wouldn't be that big. Now maybe most women can take it, but if you're 5'2 or shorter with a small frame, buy lube too, at least! My goodness I thought I was tearing! We tried it as soon as it came and while we managed to get the head in, I was so tight that it shot out! We plan to try again to fit the whole thing, but it may take quite a bit of foreplay for me to get loose enough. In comparison to size of the head, girth wise, it's about like a Pringles tube. As for the stroker aspect of it, my hubby says it feels nice but definitely needs lube. Overall, buy on/with discount if you can.
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First time   

on September 27, 2014

When I showed my wife what I got she had a look on her face like she wasn't quite sure if she would like it. She gave it a try and when I first put it in the look on her face was a huge turn on. Because this product is very "squishy" it's not quite as thick once it's inserted. Still filled her up probably to the max. Used it a couple times so far. Try inserting a vibrating dildo with a clit tickler on the end for a little extra! Great toy. Highly recommend.
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on January 15, 2014

Tried this whooper with the wife and she said whaooo that it just to big for me to wear on my cock, but she was willing to try with the vibrator attached; she scream in pure pleasure dripping wet as I slowly slid it in with the vibrator buzzing and after she came multiple times I then slid it on my cock and after about 3 min of me giving it to her she just couldn't take me wearing it. She loved it, but we won't make it a habit. It will stretch the pussy out.
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Big Birtha!   

on December 24, 2013

A little too big for the wife but good stroker!
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