Super Stroker & Girth Enhancer

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Super Stroker & Girth Enhancer Features


Superior Stroker Or Monster Girth Enhancer? You Decide!

From the second you slide inside, this big 7” stroker works your tool with an intense multi-ridged love tunnel. Watch through the clear jelly as you explode inside, or add generous amounts of lube and try it out as a girth-enhancing penis sleeve! Thickness lovers will moan as the huge 2½” wide tip penetrates so deep! Flared base gives you a great grip.

• Super Stroker & Girth Enhancer
• 7” length with 2½” wide tip and 3” base
• Made from stretchy and flexible TPE jelly
• Snug opening with multi-ridged love tunnel
• Reservoir inner tip for comfortable use
• Shaped tip for intense penetration
• Adds inches of girth
• Flared base for secure grip

Whether you want super stroking or a super girthy sleeve, the Super Stroker & Girth Enhancer sex toy is your sex toy solution! This 2-in-1 stroker and girth enhancer’s soft jelly feels amazing sliding over your shaft and squeezing deep into your lover’s box. Inside, the snug love tunnel’s intense ridges and chambers work your willy. Outside, this stroker’s shape lets you use it as a large size-enhancing penis sleeve.

To use the Super Stroker & Girth Enhancer as a stroker, just apply a little of your favorite sex lube and slide on in. The thick jelly material feels so good, especially when you squeeze it around your shaft. The love tunnel’s intense ridges let you feel amazing friction with every stroke, and the reservoir tip leaves you room for an incredible climax. Watch all the action through the stroker’s clear jelly material.

Then introduce the thrill-seeker in your life to the Super Stroker & Girth Enhancer’s intense length and width. At a total size of 7” long and 3” wide at the base, you’ll need plenty of patience and arousal to achieve intense penetration. The 2½” tip’s rounded end alone will be enough to test the biggest size queens. Just use your hand to grip the base as you thrust to keep your Super Stroker & Girth Enhancer firmly in place. Feel huge and satisfy your biggest fantasies with this penis enhancing sleeve.

No matter which way you use it, bring along plenty of lube to make your experience with the Super Stroker & Girth Enhancer mind-blowingly orgasmic. Clean with Adam & Eve toy cleaner, then rinse your stroker thoroughly and let dry before each use.

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7.0 inches


Textured shaft


2.50 inches, 3.00 inches





Customer Reviews - Super Stroker & Girth Enhancer

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Big, Beautiful and Soft   

InTheDark on August 11, 2014

y wife and I have the Tommy Gunn extension which tends to be easier to put on and is better at staying in place. That being said, she really hates its natural flesh color. I also wanted to see if she could handle something even larger, so the Super Stroker met both our needs. We have only used it once, but will definitely put it back in action whenever the mood is right. First, it is very attractive as far as extensions go. We purchased ours in blue and the wife loves the color and the smooth surface. Second, because the walls are quite thick it is a bit difficult to put on. It doesn't roll well like a condom so you have to push a couple fingers on each hand inside and stretch as you pull it over yourself. Lube makes it much easier, but then it will not stay in place during sex. Getting into it isn't a mood killer, just practice before the moment arrives. Lastly, it is definitely large. The Tommy Gunn extension gives me about 7 1/4 inches circumference near the head and 7 1/2 closer to the base. With the Super Stroker on that increases to about 7 1/2 at the end and almost 8 inches at the base. During sex the super-soft material and the large bulbous head are fantastic. The way the head pops in and out of her made her gasp, and it never banged up painfully against her cervix even when pushed in deep. Slowly plunging it to the hilt made her moan like crazy. She slowed me down initially as she stretched to accommodate the 8 inch circumference, but after a few strokes she wrapped her legs around me forcing it all the way in. Her response was a complete turn on for me as she succumbed to the monster and lost control. Not for the feint of heart, and not something we will use on a regular basis, but when the mood is right, WOW!!!! For the first couple strokes I held it in place at the base with my hand, but after that it clinged on and didn't slip once.
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What are you supposed to do with that?   

on March 9, 2014

It's okay for a stroker but I wouldn't let him anywhere near me with that! It's huge!
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Try a cheaper stroker first   

on April 4, 2014

Before spending the money for this one, try a cheaper stroker first. My boyfriend is unable to stay hard inside. He could be hard as a rock, but loses it when I slip it on him, even when using a cockring. We haven't given up on it yet, we are willing to keep trying. The reason for the two stars is that my boyfriend does enjoy using it on me. It is large, but with a lot of lube it works. I achieve orgasm with it, but do not want to use it too often. I'm afraid to get stretched out.
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Great product but falls apart EASILY   

on April 28, 2014

Great product. I loved it. However I only used it a few times before cracks started appearing, and then eventually the ENTIRE THING ripped right up the 'shaft'. good product but you have to be very gentleā€¦.not sure if it was just too tight?
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Broke first day   

on May 27, 2014

Very good idea but extremely soft material. It broke (tore) the first day that I used it. Not recommended.
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We love it.   

on August 23, 2014

My husband and I got this about a year ago and used it a lot!! Don't try to turn it inside out though. You can hold it under a fosset and clean it. It will split if you try to inside out it. But yeah we used the heck out of it until it split completely down the side. Now I am so buying a replacement, life isn't the same without it.
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