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Nen-Wa Magnetic Kegel Balls  
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Nen-Wa Magnetic Kegel Balls

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Hidden Magnetic Balls Thrill You Anytime, Any Place!

No one knows you're enjoying the subtle to great arousing pleasure of Nen-Wa Magnetic Kegel Balls! Gently pop them into the vagina and hold them in by flexing your kegel muscles for a wild workout!

Since they're magnetic, your Nen-Wa Magnetic Kegel Balls stay together.

The improved tone and focus on your pelvic muscles means improved sexual health –– and bigger than ever orgasms later! Imagine how surprised he'll be when your buff kegels "grab" his erection!

The funny thing is, no one knows you're wearing Nen-Wa Magnetic Kegel Balls! Start by wearing them at home while relaxing or doing small chores. You'll feel more in touch with your body as you go along. Later, during sex or masturbation you'll notice your toned pelvic floor muscles come in handy for bigger orgasms!

•    Nen-Wa Magnetic Kegel Balls
•    You can use one ball or both
•    Magnetism keeps balls attached to each other
•    Strengthen pelvic floor muscles for better orgasms, improves bladder control
•    For vaginal play only
•    Waterproof
•    1.18" diameter, 2.1 ounces each
•    Made from magnetic hemitite
•    Can be used with your favorite lube

Based on the ancient Asian ben-wa balls of yore, and popularized in erotic fiction like Fifty Shades Of Grey, your Nen-Wa Magnetic Kegel Balls stay together because of their magnetism.

The balls are waterproof. Clean with warm soap and water, rinse and pat dry. When you're done wearing them, squat and cough to release Nen-Wa Magnetic Kegel Balls on command.

Adam & Eve recommends Nen-Wa Magnetic Kegel Balls to women who want to develop their vaginal muscles for better orgasms and added pleasure during intercourse and masturbation.

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Kegel Exercise

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Nen-Wa Magnetic Kegel Balls reviews verified by Reevoo

36 reviews

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(7.0 out of 10)
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Scores 7.0 out of 10 based on 36 reviews
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(2 out of 10)


Happy & having fun
Reviewer left no comment
They can pinch skin
Confirmed purchase: April 07 2016
Published on: May 06 2016
(9 out of 10)


Hawaii Just starting out
intensified orgasms.
And better bladder control.
nada damn thing.
Confirmed purchase: March 31 2016
Published on: May 02 2016
(8 out of 10)


Estacada, Oregon Just starting out
Helps with bladder vontrol. Makes me wet. Kinda like a massage.
A bit heavy. I can only still use one.
Confirmed purchase: March 16 2016
Published on: April 14 2016
(2 out of 10)


New Mexico Happy & having fun
It is a very high quality product.
The magnets will PINCH! They need to be labeled for expert level. They are way to heavy for a normal person to keep in.
0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Confirmed purchase: February 25 2016
Published on: March 30 2016
(10 out of 10)


Happy & having fun
My husband loves it
I've already flushed two pair down the toilet because I forgot they were in 🙀
Confirmed purchase: March 01 2016
Published on: March 30 2016
(9 out of 10)


Just starting out
Amazing never used before so it was pretty awesome first time using.
If you use both, magnet them together prior to insert.
Confirmed purchase: February 26 2016
Published on: March 29 2016
(9 out of 10)


Edmonton, Alberta Adventurous and experimental
Bought for my girlfriend. Her first day she was feeling it. We even had s3x with them in her. It seemed to heighten her experience.
She was hoping for them to be about half inch more in diameter
Confirmed purchase: January 20 2016
Published on: February 18 2016
(8 out of 10)

Confirmed purchaser

Ellicot City, MD Adventurous and experimental
Through continued use, my O's have become significantly stronger.
When I'm ready for lady balls to come out, sometimes it's not that easy. With trying several different positions and ways to relax, it is the only way they come out.
Confirmed purchase: January 11 2016
Published on: February 08 2016
(10 out of 10)


holderness nh Adventurous and experimental
love them
Reviewer left no comment
Confirmed purchase: October 02 2015
Published on: February 01 2016
Something you want To know about the Nen-Wa Magnetic Kegel Balls?ask a question

Here's a list of the questions other shoppers have asked owners of the Nen-Wa Magnetic Kegel Balls

  1. Ksh asked on
    How do you remove them and can you have inter-course with them in?
    1. SYLVIA replied on
      Yes you can makes intercourse more stimulating and gravity will remove them
    2. B-Mac replied on
      When my girlfriend n I have sex it really stimulates her and yes gravity removes them
  2. April asked on
    How long can they be left I ?
    1. Al replied on
      Customer Service Adam & Eve
      For as long as you feel comfortable. Thanks for the question!
  3. Claudia asked on
    would this product work for someone who's been celibate for years and tight in that area. Concerned that they might be to big to fit comfortably but would like to better or gas is in the future.
    1. Malynda replied on
      Customer Service Adam & Eve
      If they do not work for as you expect we do offer a 90 day return policy. If you are not happy with the item, you can return it for an exchange or refund of the merchandise.
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