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Couture Collection Eclipse Sex Balls

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Couture Collection Eclipse Sex Balls
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Couture Collection Eclipse Sex Balls  
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Couture Collection Eclipse Sex Balls

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Increase Your Orgasmic Intensity!


Put the squeeze on these scientifically weighted 4½” silicone spheres! Graduated for easy insertion and maximum pleasure, these silicone balls contain inner weights that react to work your vaginal muscles as you move! A fun alternative to orgasm-intensifying vaginal exercises – increase your strength, arousal, and satisfaction!

- Elegant duo-ball pleasure system
- Pink silicone-inlaid balls
- Dual velvety & smooth textures
- May be used as an alternative to daily vaginal exercises to increase orgasmic intensity
- Waterproof
- Secure & stretchy retrieval cord

If you’re looking for a new twist on sex balls, or you want to expand your sex toy collection beyond Ben Wa balls, these delightfully-designed sex balls may be the perfect choice.

When you grasp both sex balls, you’ll immediately notice that each has two glass-smooth inlaid circles surrounded by velvety silicone. Each of these sex balls is firm to the touch, and is separated seamlessly by a silicone connector – the sex balls won’t stretch apart, but the center will bend and flex for total comfort as you use this sex toy!

Inside, each of these sex balls contains a special calibrated rolling weight that moves as you move! So as you clench, twist, or flex, the sex balls react! Insert them inside you for an inner massage. You can also use these weighted sex balls to work your vaginal muscles – train up for increased strength and pleasure in total privacy and comfort!

A slightly stretchy (from 3” to 7”) retrieval cord makes removing and maneuvering these sex balls simple and easy, with much more comfort than other standard string-style sex balls.

You can use these sex balls in the bedroom or in the bath or shower – they’re waterproof! And since your sex balls won’t need batteries and are relatively compact, they’re a great traveling sex toy choice.

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Plastic, Silicone


4.5 inches


Cal Exotics


1.50 inches



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life changing!!!   

on July 1, 2013

I am so glade I got these! Great for foreplay also.
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