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Ben Wa Balls

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Wicked Ben Wa Balls Strengthen Your Kegels & Passion!

Enhance your orgasms and give your lower body a great workout with these gold ¾” Ben Wa Balls! Just slip both weighted Ben Wa Balls inside your love box and clench down on them. As you move, the roll and bump of the Ben Wa Balls produces natural vibrations that’ll take you to the peak of pleasure. Use your Ben Wa Balls regularly to enhance your tightness and climax!

•    Classic Ben Wa Balls
•    Each is ¾” in diameter
•    Made from gold-colored metal
•    Weighted for stimulation
•    Not connected by a string
•    Use one or both at a time
•    Great for kegel exercises
•    Amazing internal sensations
•    Includes a FREE carrying case

Just shake and shimmy to enjoy the amazing natural pleasure of Ben Wa Balls. These sex toys don’t need batteries or switches. Instead, Ben Wa Balls work with your body’s natural rhythms to enhance sexual sensations and give you an indulgent sensual inner massage!

To use your Ben Wa Balls, just pop open the special carrying case. These small Ben Wa Balls are ¾” in diameter, so they’re comfortably sized for easy insertion. To wear your Ben Wa Balls, just slip them into your love box. Move, and you’ll immediately feel the way these rounded sex balls go to work rolling against your most intimate muscles.

You can use these Ben Wa Balls in a reclined position at first, or clench your muscles, stand, and move for the ultimate kegel workout. As they roll and bounce against each other, your Ben Wa Balls will also thrill you with natural vibrations and sensations.

These Ben Wa Balls are perfect for any woman interested in strengthening pelvic floor muscles and in natural tightening and sexual enhancement. These sex toys are also great for foreplay and solo fun.

Clean your Ben Wa Balls with sex toy cleaner or mild soap and water. Store your sex balls in the included carrying case. Please note: your Ben Wa Balls do not include a retrieval cord, so they shouldn’t be used for anal insertion.




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(6 out of 10)


1st time user.. Couldn't feel them at first, she said.. I change that "lack of feeling" real quick. \nJust keeping it spicy??
Confirmed purchase: August 20 2015
Published on: September 05 2015
(10 out of 10)


I was worried at first because it stayed in well while sitting,(and i didn't feel much),but trying to wall with them i found some trouble keeping them in. I found that quick squeeze the release keagels keep them in while walking. I started by just standing and walking with them in for 15 min at a time. Then i realized i can use my pc muscles to draw the balls up then push them down. Its easiest to do this up and down sitting. Ans as the balls keep me wet i can feel them moving up and down more and more. And for those of you who read the fifty shades... even mrs steele didnt feel extreme pleasure from it her 1st encounter. I have received a lot of pleasure moving the balls up and down. Makes kegels more fun and lets me know i am making progess. Also the feeling of the balls helps to motivate!
Confirmed purchase: January 29 2015
Published on: February 04 2015
(10 out of 10)


These balls are the exact size I was imagining. About the size of medium marbles. The weight is good as well. They're a little tough to use at first but definitely give you a work out down there
Confirmed purchase: October 18 2014
Published on: October 27 2014
(10 out of 10)


I bought these to help me with kegels, since it's difficult to remember to do them on my own. They are a little challenging to keep in when I walk around and I don't feel them inside me unless they start to fall out but I am having the most intense orgasms of my life with them in!! In my 12 year marriage, I can count on one hand how many times I've climaxed during penetration but now twice in one week, I've had amazing orgasms during sex. This has absolutely changed my marriage!
Confirmed purchase: March 29 2014
Published on: April 11 2014
(2 out of 10)


I bought these because I thought they might be fun while cleaning, and running errands. They did nothing for me.
Confirmed purchase: January 24 2014
Published on: February 05 2014
(6 out of 10)


I thought these would help tighten my PC muscles but when I tried to have just one in it would only stay in for a very very short time. Guess back to kegels I go :(
Confirmed purchase: January 12 2014
Published on: January 29 2014
(8 out of 10)


wife love them and uses them all the time. She says great workout but would not give her an orgasm though. She would recommend them.
Confirmed purchase: December 30 2013
Published on: January 14 2014
(2 out of 10)


So so i bought this since so many people are raving about them. I put them in after i washed and in 5 min i wasn't feeling them too much so i thought let me try to see how e. Easy they come and i squatted and nothing coming out, i stick my fingers they had gone deep i could feel them with my finger but i couldn't get them out. I rocked my hips while i was squatting and nothing. I finally called my husband cuz i got scared and it took him a while to get them out while i was squatting on the top of our jakuzzi. It was hurting too. I have had trouble with tampon getting stuck on me before and those lil cuppy things you can use instead of tampon so either my shape does not support inserting things in my vagina or my pelvic floor muscles are strong enough. Definitely they did not feel like falling at any time
Confirmed purchase: September 27 2013
Published on: December 25 2013
(8 out of 10)


The balls did seem small to me but they were hard to keep in. After a few days though, they did start to work, strengthening my kegels. Unfortunately, I found out that I allergic to the metal so I will try the glass eggs instead\n
Confirmed purchase: October 23 2013
Published on: November 26 2013
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