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Bedroom Kandi Hold On To Me  
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Bedroom Kandi Hold On To Me

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Build your kegel muscles while teasing yourself at the same time!
Endorsed by award-winning singer and reality TV star Kandi Burruss

Satin storage pouch included

Interchangeable ben wa balls strengthen your vaginal muscles for more powerful orgasms, a tighter vagina and improved control!

•    Balls’ inner weight moves and jiggles with your body for low-key stimulation
•    Every squeeze strengthens your kegels leading to improved orgasms and control
•    Pick from four different weights for a customized workout
•    Balls pop easily into silicone holders with retrieval cords for your safety
•    Endorsed by famed songwriter and TV star Kandi Burruss
•    Balls are made from plastic, Holders are made from silicone
•    Balls measure 1 inch in diameter; Holders measure 4.5 inches and 6.5 inches long
•    Also includes a satin storage pouch

To use your exercise spheres, simply slip them inside your vagina. Your kegel muscles will naturally flex to hold them in place as you walk around and move, but you can also squeeze them while sitting down to give your muscles a workout.

Each ben wa exercise ball is loaded with a small weight that moves in sync with your body to create a gentle vibration for low-key stimulation. The more active you are, the more the balls vibrate, meaning the balls are much more stimulating while you’re jogging or swimming than sitting behind a desk during work.

There are four weighted balls for you to exercise with. Each balls contains a small weight 0.9 oz,  1.1 oz, 1.2 oz and 1.4 oz. The balls are ranked according to weight and number of dots. So the ball with 1 dot is the lightest, while the ben wa ball with 4 dots is the heaviest. As with barbells, the heavier ben wa balls provide your Kegel muscles with a greater challenge. The heavier balls also provide greater stimulation. But as with regular weights, you should start out light and increase the weight as you build up your muscles. This helps ensure you won’t pull or damage a muscle.  
After selecting which ball or balls you want to use, just pop the silicone holder around them. We suggesting starting with a single ball and using the single ball holder and then gradually increasing the ball’s weight as you work your way up to the double holder. Each holder features a retrieval cord for your safety.

The ben wa balls are endorsed by famed singer and TV star Kandi Burruss. A former member of the R&B band Xcape, Kandi later won a Grammy award for her song No Scrubs. She continues to write songs for leading performers and also stars on the reality TV show Housewives of Atlanta.

Each ben wa ball measures 1 inch in diameter. The single ball holder measures 4.5 inches long, while the dual ball holder measures 6.5 inches long. The balls themselves are made from firm and durable plastic to toughen up your workout, while the holders are made from flexible and hypoallergenic silicone.

Adam & Eve recommends the hold on to Me Exercise Spheres for any women interested in Kegel exercises or low-key vaginal stimulation.

The ben wa balls are compatible with Adam & Eve’s water-based sex lubes. After using the balls, wash them carefully in warm, soapy water and rinse them clean. Let the balls dry, and then store them inside the satin pouch with the rest of your sex toys.

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Pink, Black


Plastic, Silicone


6.5 inches


1.00 inches




Kegel Exercise, Adjustable, Hypoallergenic

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41 reviews

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(8.4 out of 10)
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Scores 8.4 out of 10 based on 41 reviews
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(10 out of 10)

Confirmed purchaser

Harvey/Louisiana Happy & having fun
Does exactly what it suppose to do.
How hard it is to change the weights
Confirmed purchase: March 03 2016
Published on: April 05 2016
(10 out of 10)


Adventurous and experimental
I appreciate that the set includes varied weighted balls.
Reviewer left no comment
Confirmed purchase: March 02 2016
Published on: April 04 2016
(10 out of 10)


California Adventurous and experimental
Quality materials, reasonable price, solid weight and construction. Exactly what I expected and wanted.
It's hard to get the balls out for cleaning...but that also means they won't come out in an inopportune moment.
Confirmed purchase: February 08 2016
Published on: March 07 2016
(8 out of 10)


Happy & having fun
My wife really enjoyed that the set comes with adjustable weight loads to continuously adjust the experience.
Reviewer left no comment
Confirmed purchase: December 30 2015
Published on: January 31 2016
(9 out of 10)


Minnesota Just starting out
Easy to use, and feels good. Good size and enough weight to be effective but not too much as to be uncomfortable or obvious that I'm using it.
I'm a little concerned about accidentally breaking off the rubber string as I remove this, but that hasn't happened yet.
Confirmed purchase: December 28 2015
Published on: January 29 2016
(6 out of 10)


Indianapolis, IN Happy & having fun
I like that it is easy to clean and use. This product is very good for kegels and weight training.
The string is too small and if it is wet too hard to grab on to. Also, it is hard to feel the inner balls moving. I had another kind once and they were amazing. The outside balls were slightly larger, so you could really feel them go back and forth.
Confirmed purchase: December 09 2015
Published on: January 07 2016
(10 out of 10)


Grand Rapids mn Happy & having fun
Made me wetter and turned on more than ever
Reviewer left no comment
Confirmed purchase: October 01 2015
Published on: November 05 2015
(5 out of 10)


I haven't had these long enough to really give a full review. So far I've used the single ball and I don't think it's doing anything. It reminds me of how a tampon felt. (I haven't needed to use them in over 10 years.)
The balls are difficult to change out of the rubber holders.
Confirmed purchase: October 16 2015
Published on: November 01 2015
(10 out of 10)


Adventurous and experimental
Comfortable, easy to switch weights and keep clean.
Reviewer left no comment
Confirmed purchase: October 23 2015
Published on: October 31 2015
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