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Sinclair Select Anal Explorer Set

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Sinclair Select Anal Explorer Set
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Sinclair Select Anal Explorer Set

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Perfect Anal Fun & Stimulation For Beginners!

Your Anal Explorer Set is made to fit any finger, comfortably explore anal pleasures with ultra-hygienic silicone anal plugs.

Three progressive sizes include 2", 2½" and 3". Silicone retains temperature so submerge them in hot or cold water for different sensations.

The Anal Explorer Set is brought to you by Sinclair Institute Select, a trusted source of sex information and sex toys since 1991.

With the Anal Explorer Set you'll discover:

•    Silicone in nonporous and ultra hygienic

•    Silicone is easy to clean; boil it or place it on the top rack of the dishwasher

•    Your silicone Anal Explorer Set can be placed in the freezer or run under hot water for different sensations

•    Always use the Anal Explorers with your finger inserted into the grip

•    Waterproof

•    Phthalate-free

"One of the best things a couple can do to enhance their sex life is to add variety to their relationship. I recommend sex toys for couples who wish to explore their sexual responses and break up routine love making by adding novelty and excitement."
–– Lori Buckley, Psy. D.

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Pink, Blue, Multicolor, Green


Waterproof, Anal stimulator, Battery Free




Male, Female


Sinclair Institute
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