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Bottoms Up Finger Rammers
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Sugar Sak Storage Bag Large
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Bottoms Up Finger Rammers  
A&E Forbidden Anal Lubricant  
A&E Pure and Clean Misting Toy Cleaner  
Sugar Sak Storage Bag Large  

Bottoms Up Finger Rammers

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Our Best-Seller Anal Butt Plug Toy Just Better And Bigger!

For spontaneous backdoor stimulation during sex, here's an upgrade you'll love! 3 1/2" long and 1 1/4" wide, this butt plug just needs some water-based lube and your kinkiest desires for anal and prostate thrills! This handy anal dildo toy fits on any finger for greater control.

The soft, yet sturdy rubber body of this sex toy is perfect for wild anal teasing –– for her or him!

Keep the Bottoms Up Finger Rammer on your finger as you use it to probe your partner's sensitive backdoor region during oral sex –– or any kind of sex. Be prepared for a powerful butt toy induced orgasm!

For men, his prostate gland (or P-Spot®) can only be stimulated by way of the rectum –– and it feels great. For women, her G-spot can be indirectly diddled through creative backdoor play as well. That's why it's not unusual to see a woman "squirt" her orgasm during anal sex on some adult sex DVDs.

The Bottoms Up Finger Rammer makes it easier to play out a double penetration fantasy while her vajayjay is otherwise occupied with a penis or another, larger dildo or vibrator.

You see, the pleasure is in the tightening and loosening of anal muscles around the Rammer butt plug, which in turn indirectly stimulates the genitals and increases blood flow for greater sensitivity. This happens reflexively or on command. Imagine the possibilities!

An anal butt plug toy as small as the Bottoms Up Finger Rammer makes it so much easier to insert. Don't forget to use plenty of water based Adam & Eve sex lube, available here at adamandeve.com, or in the pages of your Adam & Eve mail order sex catalog. It's perfect for one-handed reading pleasure.

Clean up for this anal butt plug sex toy is easy. A cloth or paper towel with warm water and mild soap should get the job done. This adult sex toy is completely submersible. You can also use Adam & Eve toy cleaner.

Hold on tight to your lover, while carefully slipping the Bottoms Up Finger Rammer butt plug up their bum. You'll both be pleasantly surprised at how good it feels and how much hotter your session will be. Great for foreplay or as part of the main attraction!

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