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Men's Pleasure Wand

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Product Description

The Magic Wand For Your Prostate

Slide the Men's Pleasure Wand vibrator into your backdoor and feel the orgasmic magic happen. If you want a great prostate massage, plus thrilling vibrations for your balls, this is the sex toy for you.

• Vibrator has a Flexible Red Jelly Shaft
• Super-strong Vibrating Egg
• Vibrator has a Convenient 4-speed Controller
• Waterproof Anal Vibrator

The magic of our Men's Pleasure Wand anal vibrator starts with the ergonomically shaped 5" long, 1" wide shaft. It's curved at the end in a "crooked finger" shape designed especially to reach and thrill your prostate. Plus, the bulbous ridges on the end feel great going in, for even more sensations. Made of sturdy red translucent plastic all you need to do is lube up and let the Men's Pleasure Wand glide inside. You'll feel the thrill as the Wand nestles up against your prostate and the extra C-shaped "finger" at the bottom caresses your perineum or "taint," the area just beneath your balls.

Once the anal vibrator is in place, kick it up a notch by turning on the vibration sensations. We've added a super-strength vibrating egg into the middle of the shaft, to put that extra zing just where you want it most. You'll feel the vibrations all through the shaft and down to your balls. The 4-speed button remote controller lets you – or your partner – choose and vary the intensity that thrills you the most. You can use the Men's Pleasure Wand vibrator alone for dynamite masturbation, or use it during sex for mind-blowing orgasms.

As with any anal sex toys be sure to use plenty of anal lube. Since the rectum doesn't produce any natural lubrication, these sex lubes are made especially thick specifically for anal penetration and anal toys. For best results, try one of Adam & Eve's anal lubes. If you're using your Men's Pleasure Wand with a partner remember, the key to anal fun is communication, telling your partner what feels good for you.

When the fun's over, the Wand is easy to pull out, with a special built-in safety ring. cleanup is simple: just wash the Men's Pleasure Wand with warm soapy water and rinse. Pat dry with a soft cloth and give the Wand a light dusting of cornstarch to keep it fresh between uses. For even easier cleanup, use a condom with this anal toy.

Adam & Eve customers rated the Men's Pleasure Wand with 4 out of 5 stars!

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Product Details

Brand: Doc Johnson
Colors: Red
Features: Waterproof, Battery Operated, Vibrating, Multiple Speeds
Gender: Male
Length: 5.5 inches
Material: Jelly
Width: 1.00 inches

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on 1/23/2010 12:15:40 PM
feels good, but not durable
This was my first anal toy, and while it felt good inside,there was no testicle stimulation at all. Also, it was a bit of a chore to keep it inside. I loved it though! Unfortunately, the power cord started going bad where it enters the toy itself, so it now only vibrates when the wire is held in a certain position.
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on 4/28/2011 11:27:09 PM
Gave it a try, not the best.
Gave it a try, not the best. Slips out easy and did not really get the right spot like other brands.
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on 5/6/2012 5:49:07 PM
Love ass play
Its ok. Its good if you only like a finger up your ass, if you like something bigger its not the one for you
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on 8/5/2015 1:56:55 PM
While I'm sure it's designed for it's purpose, the vibration settings are nice.
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on 1/22/2009 5:11:42 AM
ok, but needs improvement
although this product feels alright, I personaly think the vibration needs to be alot stronger for more exciting pleasure. I would buy more of these type of products if the vibration was stronger
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on 7/21/2009 8:39:03 AM
Could be better
Could be a little longer, should vibrate at the tip of toy. Still gets the job done.
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on 3/11/2012 8:03:12 PM
You will be able to know you have something iyour back door. However if not in right place for user and his or her feelingds the prouct of vibration will not be felt. Sudgest moving it around or at leasy point end toward belly button when inserting as that leaves it go in further and vibsmay feel better.
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on 11/22/2013 3:21:27 AM
I like BUT...
I think its a nice toy but the cord is TOO THIN and the wires break inside the cord. Also, cord isn't long enough. Also wish was fatter! I do LOVE the different vibes!
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on 8/28/2015 12:27:05 AM
Pleasant but not magical
The only way I've been able to have an orgasm or even get hard in recent years is by really serious deep throat thrusting. Fortunately, my wife has loved sucking me off since very early in our relationship. Since I CAN have orgasms i dared to dream this gadget would help me get erections and have orgasms. Nope, fraid not. This thing does feel very pleasant inside me and I'm sure my lady and I will have lots of fun with it but its no help at all re trying for orgasms with my hand. It remains to be seen whether sucking me off is any easier than before with this gadget being used on my ass.
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on 8/28/2008 9:49:50 PM
A little rough
We ordered this but what we received was a little different. The part that vibs the balls had two inline cups, would have been better if they were side by side. The material used seems a little rough, needs LOTS of lube. The bullet didn't send vibrations up anywhere. It actually needs a 'spine' in it to carry the vibrations from the bullet to both ends and at the same time you could then bend it and position it to where it counts. All in all, it's ok.
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