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Classix Prostate Stimulator
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Classix Prostate Stimulator  
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A&E Pure and Clean Misting Toy Cleaner  
Sugar Sak Storage Bag Large  

Classix Prostate Stimulator

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Massage Your P-Spot Like A Pro!

Great Prostate Value!

This 4” black prostate stimulator’s wicked curves are perfect for P-Spot play! The ribbed and contoured stimulator slides in just right to tickle and tease for amazing anal orgasms! The curved smart-grip handle makes insertion and removal easy, exciting, and adds stimulation. Great for first timers, too! Easy cleaning plastic.

- 4” length
- Prostate-nudging head
- Curved to reach your prostate
- Contoured handle teases perineum
- Safe & easy to insert and remove
- Great for first time anal fun

The Classix Prostate Stimulator a great prostate sex toy at an incredible value! So if you’re looking for a great standard prostate stimulator, or you’ve been on the fence about bringing a little prostate play into the bedroom – there’s no time like the present, and no sex toy like the Classix!

There aren’t any batteries, moving parts, or complicated directions to unravel – just grab your Classix Prostate Stimulator and your favorite brand of lube. (Don’t have a brand? Add Adam & Eve’s slippery anal lube to your order.) Slick up the 4” curved and contoured shaft until it’s nice and wet, and tease and ease your anal passage until you’ve got it inserted!

First-timers will need to experiment with their prostate stimulator to figure out just where to effectively apply stimulation for maximum pleasure, but the Classic Prostate Stimulator’s rounded tip has a way of finding your sweet spot easily! The sturdy handles also stimulate your perineum and let you insert or remove your stimulator quickly, safely, and easily!

Wash your prostate stimulator with soap and water, or with sex toy cleaner.

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Customer Reviews

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44 reviews

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(8.1 out of 10)
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Scores 8.1 out of 10 based on 44 reviews
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(1 out of 10)


Adventurous and experimental
great product description and idea
hard plastic, sharp - was out of the package for 10 seconds before deciding to return it.
Confirmed purchase: October 30 2015
Published on: November 10 2015
(3 out of 10)


Adventurous and experimental
Reviewer left no comment
the product had a sharp edge i had to grind off before use of the product also the product had no effect in the stimulation of the prostate and was not pleasurable at all. even after doing some research on use could not get an satisfaction from use
Confirmed purchase: September 30 2015
Published on: November 04 2015
(4 out of 10)


It was clear that the toy was given a single quick run under a sander to remove the seam on the tip... and not really anywhere else. The shape and size of it were wonderful, but i can't rate it well in good conscience. I had to use a razor blade to trim off some of the plastic seams and it still felt sharp in places, and sharp plastic has no place in anal play.
Confirmed purchase: May 09 2015
Published on: June 16 2015
(8 out of 10)


Great length and reach for me, my spot seems to be deeper than the average guy. The dual inside and outside massaging of my prostate felt supreme! Now, if there was some flexibility or more of a bend and a wider 'taint' stimulator instead of the narrow one on the device if give 5 stars. Remember everyone is built differently so this might work better for you.
Confirmed purchase: May 07 2015
Published on: May 23 2015
(10 out of 10)


Used it a few times. I does enhance but no earth shattering super o. This was cheap and a good way to see if there is potential. I liked enough that im going to move up to the aeros. Definitely something feels good in there.
Confirmed purchase: March 20 2015
Published on: April 18 2015
(10 out of 10)


This was the first prostate stimulator toy I'd purchased. I recommend it to my friends, first time prostate toy folks, and people who have used other toys but are up for trying new ones.\n\nThe thickness on the top is nice, and it tapers down well too. Sits nicely when in place, and I've never had it slip out too much or pop out either.\n\nThe hooked handle in the back makes it easy for someone else to stimulate you with a little jiggling of the handle, and it's also surprisingly easy to do it to yourself as well. I've used it in a number of positions on myself, and the only way I wouldn't recommend using this is if you intend to sit straight up. Laid back a little bit is the way to go as I feel that the perineum hook in the front can apply too much pressure and makes things a little uncomfortable if you sit right on it.\n\nI'm on my second personal purchase of this toy, I've bought a few for friends, and in terms of bang for your buck, I can't recommend another prostate stimulator over this one. It's a great place to get started with P-Stimulation and a great, cheaper addition to a collection of toys as well.
Confirmed purchase: March 30 2015
Published on: April 15 2015
(10 out of 10)


My husband and I had long talked about anal sex (with either of us receiving). He always got so excited when I talked about penetrating him that I decided to get this toy to try it out for real. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Now this toy is frequent part of our play time and my husband experiences the most intense orgasms when we use it. I will say that the little stimulation thing on the front doesn't really do anything for him, but it doesn't really get in the way either. All in all this is an amazing little toy, very sturdy. Goes in easy and is great for beginners. We're moving up to full on strap-on sex now!
Confirmed purchase: August 06 2013
Published on: October 15 2014
(8 out of 10)


I'm somewhat experienced with anal play, this takes it to a whole other level. It took some getting used to after using my fingers for so long. It's great that it's hand free and it feels amazing. I used it in the shower this morning and had what felt like 3 orgasms. If you're curious give this thing a shot!
Confirmed purchase: August 30 2014
Published on: October 02 2014
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