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Unisex Shower Douche Features

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Makes Cleaning Up Tons Of Dirty Fun!

Clean up before or after playtime with this convenient shower douche! Attach the suction cup mount to your shower wall, then fill the bag with up to 2 liters of liquid. A 4’ flexible tube keeps cool sensations coming in any position. Use separate vaginal and anal applicators let everyone have squeaky clean fun! Adjustable flow.

• Unisex Shower Douche
• For vaginal or anal use
• Separate attachments for vaginal and anal douching
• Douche bag attaches to shower wall via suction cup mount
• Bag holds up to 2 liters of liquid
• 4 foot threaded tube gives you room to maneuver
• 5.5” vaginal attachment/applicator
• 2.75” anal attachment/applicator

Take your shower to the next level with the Unisex Shower Douche! This convenient reusable douche bag attaches to your shower wall via a suction cup, and holds up to 2 liters of liquid so you can enjoy a thorough, refreshing cleanse whenever you’re in the mood. The Unisex Shower Douche includes two applicator attachments, so you can use this douche for vaginal or anal cleansing.

To use, choose your preferred applicator and attach it to the tube. Attach the flexible tube to the bag. Fill the bag with up to 2 liters of liquid, then hang up the bag in your shower with the included suction cup mount. The mount attaches and removes easily, so you can douche whenever the mood strikes. Then just hop in the shower and insert the applicator. Adjust the flow of liquid with the fill valve at the base of the applicator.

When you’re finished, wash your Unisex Shower Douche thoroughly. This convenient douche is a great way to clean and refresh before or after sex, and is fun for fans of erotic douching.


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Waterproof, Battery Free


5.5 inches, 2.75 inches




Male, Female

Customer Reviews - Unisex Shower Douche

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on March 20, 2014

This is an okay product. The anal piece is hard to get in. I used water based lube which was impossible. I am unable to use it alone, my husband has to help me but once it is in it works great.
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unisex douche   

on February 8, 2014

worked for what we got it for,some minor setbacks though ,you need to squeeze the water holder to really get the water flowing for a good cleaning,we thought it would be grat and quick for the wife before anal,a little more time consuming then thought,but a decent product.
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