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A&E EZ Anal Douche

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Quick 'n' Easy Prep For Carefree Anal Play!

Here's the best way to get ready for satisfying anal play! Just fill the bulb with warm soapy water and re-attach the flexible .5" wide plastic tip, then gently squeeze the mixture throughout the rectum. Use a little lube on the tip for easy insertion. The EZ Anal Douche's one-of-a-kind flat base keeps it from tipping over.

• EZ Anal Douche
• Sleek, firm and flexible plastic tip for easy insertion
• Generous squeeze bulb controls water flow
• Unique flat base so it won't tip over
• Tip screws into bulb and stays there
• Disassembles for easy, thorough cleaning
• Tip is 4.75" long, .5" wide
• Bulb base is 5" tall, 3" wide
• Safe with water-based and silicone lubes

Naturally, the EZ Anal Douche makes a thoughtful gift for any anal curious partner. It's a real conversation starter!

It is highly recommended you use your EZ Anal Douche in the bath or shower –– and lubricating the tip makes a huge difference in terms of comfort!

You might notice some features unique to the EZ Anal Douche. First, the squeeze bulb holds a lot of water for an easier, faster douche. Secondly, the flat base means you can set it down on a flat surface and not worry about left over water pouring out.

Once you're finished making your tushie sparkling clean for carefree anal fun, unscrew the tip and wash both parts in hot water with soap and rinse thoroughly. Once dried, store your EZ Anal Douche in a cool, dark place.

Women and men interested in anal sex, anal toys and just some good ol' fooling around the back door should always have an EZ Anal Douche within easy reach. Don't get left behind in your anal play, get yours today!

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Plastic, Rubber


Adam and Eve


.50 inches


Male, Female


4.75 inches

Power Source:

No batteries required

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A&E EZ Anal Douche reviews verified by Reevoo

36 reviews

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(6.9 out of 10)
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Scores 6.9 out of 10 based on 36 reviews
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(7 out of 10)

Confirmed purchaser

Santa Monica California Adventurous and experimental
The product is made with good quality materials. I defefinity feel safe sticking it up there. And you can get a good amount of water in there. The product is much bigger then you think, but for the good. All and all gets the job done.
The insertable end can be a little painful; due to the fact that the holes in which water comes out aren't really smooth. The holes sort of poke you. Although this problem was fixed with some Lube and relaxation down there. Another issue is that the bottle sometimes separates from the mussel end, which can be bad if one isn't prepared for it.
Confirmed purchase: March 25 2016
Published on: May 12 2016
(8 out of 10)


Ridgecrest Just starting out
I love how deep it goes. And clean pretty well for being on the lower end.
The holes can be a little sharp but just filed them more round edged. The bulb gets too soft when used with warm water.
Confirmed purchase: April 13 2016
Published on: May 12 2016
(2 out of 10)


Happy & having fun
it's does the job
it's to messy and leaks out where is screws into the base
Confirmed purchase: April 07 2016
Published on: May 11 2016
(9 out of 10)


Adventurous and experimental
the tube does not fall off like others
Reviewer left no comment
Confirmed purchase: April 12 2016
Published on: May 11 2016
(1 out of 10)

Confirmed purchaser

Absolutely nothing good....it went right to the trash...wasn't worth my time or money to return....the worst!
Total garbage...did not work @ all...really? That ur Co. would compromise future sales by selling this?
Confirmed purchase: April 08 2016
Published on: May 06 2016

We offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Please call us at 800-765-2326, or email us at custserv@adameve.com, and we will be happy to help. We are available 24 hours a day. Thank you.

(10 out of 10)


Adventurous and experimental
Reviewer left no comment
Confirmed purchase: March 25 2016
Published on: May 02 2016
(3 out of 10)


Adventurous and experimental
Reviewer left no comment
It hurts going in and out, the hole should be in the tip instead of the sides, all the wholes just scratch and makes the inside of your anal cavity bleed
Confirmed purchase: March 28 2016
Published on: April 28 2016
(10 out of 10)


Astoria, OR Adventurous and experimental
The parts are sturdy and easily washable.
Even though I read the description, I still was kind of surprised at how big it is! (Not that I have much of a problem with that.)
Confirmed purchase: March 22 2016
Published on: April 25 2016
(4 out of 10)


New Hampshire Happy & having fun
It looks good.
Keeps falling apart
Confirmed purchase: March 21 2016
Published on: April 18 2016
(7 out of 10)


Nebraska Just starting out
It holds a fair amount of water so you only need to do one fill up.
There are a total of 8 holes near the tip of the nozzle where the liquid comes out. This is great for cleaning but I personally experienced discomfort as pulling the product out would snag on my insides and cause pain.
Confirmed purchase: March 11 2016
Published on: April 12 2016
Something you want To know about the A&E EZ Anal Douche?ask a question

Here's a list of the questions other shoppers have asked owners of the A&E EZ Anal Douche

  1. Jess asked on
    Can this be used for enemas?
    How much liquid would u recommend for an enema?
    Can I use this on my vagina and ass? Can I insert this deep in my ass? Can I insert this in my vagina? Please take this seriously. Me and my husband are new to this so with your answer we would like you to explain and and give reason. Thank you.
    1. LORI replied on
      Not quite sure if our definitions of enema is the same. In my opinion, that is the purpose of the anal douche, so I guess my answer is yes.
      Whatever amount of liquid you're comfortable with.
      Yes, you can use on both vagina and ass. I've only inserted as far as the nozzle will allow. According to the website, that's 4.75". I would GUESS that a person could try to insert the bulb as well, but I've never thought to try it. Yes, you can insert in the vagina.
    2. MELINDA replied on
      I fill it insert it and sometimes refill and use it again. yes it can be used for both. I use shampoo or dish soap to clean it. yes, i insert it anally as far as the nozzle will go.
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