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Crystal Jellies Anal Starter Kit

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Crystal Jellies Anal Starter Kit
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Crystal Jellies Anal Starter Kit

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From Beginner To Advanced Anal Fun In One Fun Kit!

Master the art of anal pleasure with the Crystal Jellies Anal Starter Kit! Play your way up from Small (3" x 1") to Medium (4" x 1.5"), all the way to Large (5" x 2")! Start with a generous amount of water based lube, then enjoy easy wearability as the flat base keeps the plug in place. Phallic tip thrills its way in and flexible PVC/Sil-A-Gel™ material slides like greased lightning! Compatible with many O-ring strap-on harnesses, too!

Your trio of Crystal Jellies is ready for some backdoor jammin' action!

• Crystal Jellies Anal Starter Kit
• 3 different butt plugs
• Sized from Small (3" x 1") to Medium (4" x 1.5") to Large (5" x 2")
• Molded from flexible and smooth PVC/Sil-A-Gel™ material
• Phallic tipped for more stimulation and easy entry
• Flat safety base keeps each butt plug in comfortably
• Plugs can also be worn with many O-ring strap-on harnesses
• Always use your favorite water based anal lube or gel with any anal toy
• Made in USA!
• From Doc Johnson, since 1976

Play with your Crystal Jellies Anal Starter Kit as is, or break out your trusty strap-on for a backdoor tango.

When playtime's over, just clean your Crystal Jelly plugs with warm soapy water, rinse and towel dry. Store away from other sex toys in a dry place. Or use a cleaner like Adam & Eve Pure And Clean Misting Toy Cleaner. Some folks prefer slipping a condom over the butt plug before insertion. When the party's over, remove and dispose of condom, revealing an easier to clean toy.

The Crystal Jellies Anal Starter Kit is a complete anal sex toy experience in one easy, wearable kit. Satisfying your anal curiosity today and take your (or a lover's) backdoor to new levels of ecstasy.

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Product Details

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Doc Johnson


Plastic, Silicone


3.0 inches, 4.0 inches, 5.0 inches


Textured shaft, Anal stimulator, Battery Free, Flexible


1.00 inches, 1.50 inches, 2.00 inches


Male, Female


No batteries required

Power Source:

No batteries required

Customer Reviews - Crystal Jellies Anal Starter Kit

Love these   

on January 11, 2015

I was curious about anal play but had really only been able to get a finger or two in my backdoor. I was scared these would be too big or too small. However, the sizing is wonderful. I started out with the smallest and lots of lube. It was different but I liked it. After awhile, I tried the medium one. That one felt intense the first time I put it in but now I start with the medium one. I don't use the large one all that much but it feels great when I do. I like these much better than fingers. My boyfriend loves using these on me too. What I really like about these is that they are compatible with strap on systems. I did not think this would ever happen by my boyfriend asked me to order a strap on for myself. He wants me to try with him. I really though this kit would just get me ready for some anal play and possibly anal sex but it has been much more useful than that. I did think these were perhaps a bit short at first but they really aren't. Another thing about the base of these is that they are a suction cup. You can stick them to the shower wall and back up into them. It's a simple kit but extremely useful.
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Not for beginners!   

Mr Bond on September 26, 2014

Sooo these are huge! My girlfriend almost killed me when we opened the box to see these monsters looking back at us. Not for beginners I repeat...totally miss representated.
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Good for training, not so much for pleasure   

Christen on September 21, 2014

I have enjoyed masturbating anally with my fingers for quite some time. I have big hands and fingers and I have worked up to inserting 3 fingers all the way into my backdoor. I can start a fourth finger but can only get all four in about half way. My dream is to be able to get my whole fist in my backdoor as is mentioned in another review for this product. These are my first anal toys. The texture was a little smooth for my taste but I did not notice any strong odors from my toys. I immediately tried all three, starting of course with the smallest since I was not sure how relaxed my backdoor would be for actual toys. I used Anal Eaze purchased with the same order which was a mistake. The Anal Eaze took away too much of the feeling, so I could barely feel the small one go in. The medium one was a nice size and I think was similar to inserting my three fingers in my hole. To be honest, my fingers feel much better inside me than these toys do. The large one barely made it in, although it was awesome how I could feel the head *pop* through into my backside. I could tell I need to work up to the large one...there was a little spotting of blood after I pulled it back out. I do love the flaring at the end of the plugs to keep them from slipping all the way in, so I have the medium one inside me stretching my backdoor opening as I type this review. I am looking forward to training my backside to take larger toys with these and hopefully I will get more pleasure from them using a different lube. Once I am able to insert the large one in my backdoor easily, I will be looking to upgrade to one of the larger and more realistic anal toys available on this site.
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Very satisfied!   

on June 18, 2014

This is a great set of anal plugs/toys. The sizes were what I expected based on the picture and description. They do have a plastic smell but it is not unpleasant at all. Nice shape and texture. Firm but flexible enough to be comfortable in any position. They stay in place well and I like the clear color. The small one is probably a good size for a beginner but was a little small for my taste. The medium one was perfect for my use alone while masturbating (I'm a female) or for a double penetration feel with my boyfriend. Especially from behind, when the shape makes it easy for him to use his thumb at the base of it for simultaneous vaginal and anal stimulation. Either way makes for an intense orgasm. The large one looks a little intimidating but I do like it occasionally as well. Very happy with my purchase.
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Male into Anal Play.   

on June 6, 2014

Ok so when I was looking for some kind of anal plug or toy to use for anal. I came across this. Nobody had made a review of the item so I was little worried to purchase. I got this is the mail and went straight to the bathroom to play with it. When taking it out of the package it had a strong Oder but not horrible. I took the toys out and used them in order small-large. The small and medium were what I thought they were going to be in size. The larger of the bunch was huge. I put a ton of anal lube on it and I got it in on the first try. I'm not a beginner to backdoor play but I never used something like that. It stretched my backdoor so much I was actual able to put my fist in afterwards. This set made me have a awesome orgasm. I would recommend this to all backdoor lovers new and experienced to try this. You won't be disappointed!!
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