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An All-Time Big Budget Classic!

"Best Foreign Feature!" ––

Barbaric Sexual Passions Threaten Rome!

See kinky pagan-era sex in ancient Rome! Hunky gladiators, beautiful girls, decadent orgies and lusty battles unfold! Togas drop for backdoor action (5 scenes!), double-penetration (3 scenes!) and Sapphic lust! Maximus is to be the next Caesar, but a forbidden relationship could bring him to his knees! Filmed in 6 countries, this XXX-filled Hollywood-style production is a non-stop orgy of digital effects, wild animals...and war! 120 minutes + 91 minutes extras.

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120 mins.


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The Private Gladiator DVD   

on January 28, 2012

I wish I had read the reviews before I bought it. The high budget description and the set descriptions were not quite accurate. To me it is a low budget, dubbed over/not in sync voices are too distracting. No story line, no plot, no history other than using names. Sex is same o same o. Save your $25
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