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Search For The Snow Leopard

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Follow Eve Taggert (Asia Carrera) as she follows her father’s obsession--the endangered snow leopard of Bardo. In a flashback, evil beauty Stephanie Swift seduces Mr. Taggert (Mark Davis) among vintage aircraft with lusty sucking and bucking--he can’t help but spill his passion! The spell of the leopard turns an academic cocktail party into an interracial free-for-all! The lure of the leopard brings in money-lusting poachers, who take time for lusty double fellatio and campsite sex. Eve battles her own stubbornness out in the wild--sparks fly as foe becomes friend and James Bonn slides into Asia’s hungry love purse. Don’t miss the sapphic energy of 12 beauties during the Women Of The Wind ritual! Shaking with desire, Asia seeks to quench her needs by pleasuring herself in a waterfall. More! Shot-On-Film Quality. Approximately 130 X-rated minutes.


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Asia Carrera, Lexington Steele, Randy Spears


Asia Carrera, Lexington Steele, Randy Spears

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Pretty good   

on August 6, 2008

I enjoyed watching Asia. It was a fun and interesting plot (if that is why you watch these flix). The sex scenes were fantastic! Really got the motor running!
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