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My Girlfriend's A Vampire

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My Girlfriend's A Vampire Features

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Blood Isn’t All She Sucks!

Goofball Evan Stone finally finds a girl he not only likes but who likes him back. There’s only one problem – she’s a vampire. Evan doesn’t really mind until one of her minions turns his best buddy into a vampire too! Will Evan save his friend and the world or will he fall for his sexy vampire? 5 scenes. 110 minutes.

Scene 1: Carmel Moore dressed up as Busty Red Riding Hood for Halloween and Van Damage as her Big Bad Wolf!

Scene 2: Ava Rose has a sexy treat for Selina Draagen… a nice, big vibrator!

Scene 3: Vampire babes Kasey Croft and Bree Olson give Christian one last hurrah before draining him dry!

Scene 4: Van Damage gets sprayed all over thanks to Britney Stevens!

Scene 5: Vampire Ava opens wide to show Evan her fangs and what you can do with a few centuries of sexual experience!



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Evan Stone, Ava Rose, Bree Olson


Couples, Vampires


Ava Rose, Bree Olson, Evan Stone

Running Time:


Number of Sex Scenes:


Sexual Acts:

Squirting; Toy Use


Adam & Eve Pictures


DVD, On Demand

Customer Reviews - My Girlfriend's A Vampire

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love it   

on November 20, 2013

Love it great work and sex
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on December 17, 2010

for someone who likes the old vampire movies, this one fits right in. Kinda goofy as expected
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Great fun   

on October 7, 2010

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Those aren't hickies on my neck   

Suitcase Pimp on May 19, 2008

As a huge horror movie fan, I was pretty excited when I came across this title in a box of new adult movies. Despite the large cuddle-potential of any horror movie, it’s surprisingly rare to see a horror-themed porno – even when said porno is really more of a spoof than a fright-fest. And you can definitely file My Girlfriend’s a Vampire in the spoof folder. Evan Stone really hams it up as a socially awkward and amusing goofball. You can always count on Evan for a solid performance – whether he’s wearing clothes or not. The fun starts with Evan spending yet another night on his own, listening to his roomies bang away next door which flows into the first scene of the movie. Van Damage and Carmel Moore prove that there’s nothing hotter than a little role-playing with a wicked-hot costume romp. Carmel Moore is done up as a Busty Red Riding Hood with Van as a huffing, puffing, box-munching Big Bad Wolf! In a little turn around; however, Carmel’s the one who does all the howling during some doggy-style with Van. Van talks his best friend Evan into going out to a club to try to meet someone. Meanwhile, we get our first introduction to Ava Rose. Ava picks up Selina Draagen, and the two get frisky in the ladies’ room. After a round of finger and toy play, Ava then reveals her vampire roots by draining Selina dry and then leaves without even washing her hands! Then Ava meets Evan outside. The two start talking and really hit it off, Evan even asks her out and she accepts. Mission Accomplished! But not everything’s rosy. Evan later gets jumped by a vampire hunter and his two assistants who tell him all about Vampire Ava and tell him he’s the only person who can stop her. After Evan reluctantly agrees to think about it, he ends up getting kicked out of the apartment while the vampire hunters get it on with a nice 3-way. Meanwhile, Britney Stevens (one of Ava’s vampire minions) takes Van Damage back home to her crypt. After a super-sloppy blowjob with spit flying everywhere, Britney ends up squirting all over his rod three different times. After losing that much fluid, it’s no surprise she’s feeling thirsty enough to bite him. The vampire hunters tell Evan he has to kill the master vampire (Ava) to save his friend from becoming a regular at the neighborhood blood bank and a vampire. So, Evan and Van team up and raid the vampire home. The two split up and Evan comes across Ava, his girlfriend with an overbite. Rather than fight, the two decide to make love. The positions are pretty routine, but the energy’s just right and Ava’s toothy blowjobs really hit the spot! As for what happens next, I promised not to say lest I spoil the ending. All in all, My Girlfriend’s a Vampire has some pretty solid sex but nothing extreme or wild enough to shock and wow you. The storyline is fairly engaging and should appeal to both gals and guys. The run time’s solid enough for a feature, but I wish there were some additional bonus features instead of the same-old trailers, photo gallery and other junk. My Girlfriend’s a Vampire isn’t the kind of movie you’ll watch over and over again. But it makes a good spook treat every now and then, especially around Halloween or whenever you want a little vampire action!
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