The 8th Day

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The 8th Day
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The 8th Day

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Winner of 9 AVN Awards including Best Video Feature, Best All-Girl 3-Way, Best Special Effects, Best DVD Extras, Best Editing, Best Videography/Cinematography and more!

Winner of XBiz Award for Feature Movie of the Year and XFanz People's Choice Award for Feature Movie of the Year!

OVER 4 HOURS of action plus 9 HOURS in DVD extras!

"Adam & Eve amps up the hardcore in this imaginative feature with Kayden Kross like you've never seen her before...A breakout role for the irresistible Amber Rayne..."
-–Dan Miller Editor-in-Chief AVN magazine

"Kayden Kross turns in her best performance yet. A great plot with hot and dark sex turned in by a stellar cast (also highlighted by Amber Rayne) make this one of Adam & Eve's greatest achievements to date."
--Dan Davis Editor-in-Chief Genesis magazine

"Each fall, we are gifted with the very best movies the adult industry can create as the studios prepare for awards presentations. This year is no different. As we look forward to the industry's best, believe me when I say, The 8th Day is the best of the best."

A stunning nude beauty (Kayden Kross) awakens from a time capsule in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by raw sex and brute force! Morphing mutants (Tommy Gunn & Aaron Wilcoxxx) satisfy her long-suppressed hunger for 3-way cock! Buxotic cougar Kylie Ireland plays with her "pet" Jandi Lin before satisfying her tight ass on Derrick's dick! Bree Olson leads Poppy Morgan and Tori Black into a howling moon-lit pussy party! Amber Rayne is a desert renegade who performs double-penetration for her prince and whose anal action saves the big orgy! Kayden joins dark blue genetic freak Violet Marcell in sucking the life out of Evan Stone and draining him dry! Well-hung Afro-stud Tyler Knight tastes blonde Krissy Leigh, then has his way with servant girl Trinity post in futuristic interracial sex!

Plot Synopsis:

Samantha has awakened--awakened to a recording of her long dead father, and the world she knew is gone. It's now post-burn and only various tribes of proto-humans remain. After witnessing how brutal the emptied out city can be, she is captured and readied for sale. While her captor enjoys himself with a trading post working girl, she is stolen by Mel, a scavenger who fills her in on what has happened and where they are going-to Elysium Fields and its charismatic leader, Prince Amir.

Out in the middle of the desert, the Fields are the one place that still has some rules, some resources and some sense of hope--where people can still come to trade and make some sense out of survival. While there, Samantha is haunted by a countdown that was still active when she awoke in the lab, and Amir tells Samantha that he knows who she is--the daughter of the scientist who caused the burn so many years ago.

Horrifed, Samantha confides to Mel what she's learned. When Mel realizes that Sam has replaced her as Amir's favorite, she betrays her to the Fields, who demands her sacrifice, according to the Prince's own doctrine. As she is being staked out in the desert to die, Samantha's pleas about the countdown fall on soon-to-be-dead ears.

Scene 1
In her post-apocalyptic bunker, Kayden Kross comes out of a deep sleep, yearning for hard cocks. Two fine specimens of erect masculinity (Tommy Gunn and Aaron Wilcoxxx) are ready and waiting for her hungry mouth. Kayden's deep throat has been waiting eons for this. The men take turns until Kayden Kross is satisfied and they're drained, ready to assume their original forms.

Scene 2
An ancient record player in the wreckage puts survivors Kylie Ireland and Derrick Pierce into an erotic reverie. Spunky Jandi Lin turns the crank to power the music while experienced Kylie pulls Derrick's dick into her lips. Then Kylie's tight ass mounts Derrick as Jandi anticipates his climax!

Scene 3
A store in the hills takes barter and bottle caps in payment for valuable water and food. Krissy Leigh's sugar daddy is store manager Tyler Knight. Her always ready –– and bald –– pussy gets him through the long hot days with on-demand interracial sex!

Scene 4
The sun sets and travel is risky. Run into a rutting group of female feline mutants (Bree Olson, Poppy Morgan, Tori Black) gathering for a howling puss-fest! It's a moonlit night full of girl-on-girl 69, 2-on-1 pussy licks and that most-desired possession, a rare dildo.

Scene 5
At a more enlightened outpost of civilization, Prince Amir enjoys live sex shows in his tent. Darryl Hanah struts in like a sexual athlete, while a sex-hungry mutant (Violet Marcell) licks her lips at the sight of Evan Stone sprawled on a bed. The girls set aside their differences to suck his erection up hard, then do a round-robin of sitting their wet pussies on his cock and face!

Scene 6
Amber Rayne is a favorite guest of the Prince, but first she must be cleansed! Here that means sex that uses everything Amber's got –– her sweet mouth, juicy pussy and tight ass. She kneels to joyfully suck on Cheyne Collins and Sledge Hammer in an interracial 3-way. Her throat takes all they have! This tart is so randy, so much the ass pony for these men, it just gets them harder. Her sassy, obscenity-laden commands soon lead to a DP that should merit this crew an award for Best Double Penetration.

Scene 7
Energized by their earlier ruttings and a fine meal, Amber Rayne Darryl Hanah, Trinity Post, Tyler Knight, Chris Cannon and Jerry finish the day with a post-dinner orgy. Darryl Hanah knows a thing or two about anal copulation! Amber, warmed up for more stiff cock, sets out to suck everything in sight –– then put it in her ass!

Scene 8
Over at another tent, Kayden Kross meets Prince Amir, the mutant (Violet Marcell) and a stud they keep for erotic pleasure (Evan Stone). No longer in danger, Kayden Kross throws herself into the sucking and relishes Violet's face on her pussy as Evan feeds her his thick boner! See Kayden Kross ride cock like her life depended on it!

265 minutes + 9 hours in extras.

Cast list includes: Kayden Kross, Bree Olson, Kylie Ireland, Poppy Morgan, Tori Black, Violet Marcell, Darryl Hanah, Amber Rayne, Jandi Lin, Krissy Leigh, Evan Stone, Tommy Gunn, Aaron Wilcoxxx, Derrick Pierce, Tyler Knight, Cheyne Collins, Sledge Hammer, Trinity Post, Chris Cannon, Jerry


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Bree Olson, Evan Stone, Kayden Kross, Tommy Gunn, Tyler Knight, Derrick Pierce


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Customer Reviews - The 8th Day

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on July 8, 2013

Too much story.
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intf76 on February 7, 2011

I guess it was okay. I HATE spitting and I felt like that is all they did. I still got off, but the spitting would throw me off for a few minutes.
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to much story line   

on September 20, 2010

the sex scenes are good to much story line for me
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on April 1, 2010

Not bad so far
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The 8th Day   

Two Dudes on February 20, 2010

This film is not a very good movie, compared to many that I have purchased in the past.
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