There are more ways than one to be bound to someone, as Stormy Daniels finds out in Michael Raven's newest exploration of human nature. When her elderly husband passes away, Lily, a former junkie, still longs for something to fill her empty days and nights. A mysterious and seductive new lover offers her a way to find excitement in her life again, but everything may not be what it seems (is it ever?). The depths of depravity and the heights of ecstasy are just around the corner, and as Lily sinks farther and deeper into a dark, wild world of bondage, S&M and submission, she begins to understand love, sacrifice and what it means to be bound. Also stars Angie Savage, Cassidy Clay, Chavon Taylor, Diana Doll, Gianna Lynn, Jessica Shaw, Naomi Cruise and Roxy DeVille.

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Michael Raven

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