In the near distant future, fuel shortages due to financial depression result in the new-breed bootlegger. You can run your car on it, you can drink it, and you can go to jail for refining the "Blend". Belles in southern mansions and swamp sirens in shacks spin lust for fortunes of vice. When the shady sheriff in cahoots with a corporate raider tries to take over distribution from the syndicate, he runs up into trouble: A network of bayou pirates, backwoods highwaymen, and the queen of combustion who will do anything to keep control of the powerful juice. Two sisters live their daddy's dream by refining and marketing a bootleg recipe of a high octane potable combustible. Big oil and corrupt law tries to put them out of business, but their tenacity, brains, and raw sexual power win the day for poor folk who can't afford to pay big corporate prices in the near future depression society.

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Adam & Eve Pictures

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Otto Bauer

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