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10 Ways to Go Longer and Stronger

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Men: Boost Performance & Improve Your Sex Life!

Beat the "same-old same-old" blues with real-life couples who show you how to reinvigorate your libido, boost your testosterone and increase desire! Dr. Eli Coleman, Allana Pratt and Dr. Lloyd Sinclair offer easy tips on how to go longer, harder and stronger during sex. Topics include oral pleasure, sex toys, positions and more! 10 scenes! 52 minutes + 21 minutes of extras.

10 chapters review and show what you need to know to keep your sex life tuned up and performing at its most enjoyable. Go back to this DVD any time you need to review this information –– or share it.

1. Exercise For Extras Sex Power
Trish and Falco show how exercise and healthy eating can result in hot sex.

2. Have Sex
Several couples take turns on the importance of "using it so you don't lose it."

3. The Build Up Is Everything
Bettina and Anthony commit foreplay via sexting! While back at the house, Mark and Jessica opt for good old fashioned erotic massage.

4. Penis Pump Up
Trish and Falco help you see how the pump is a simple and inexpensive treatment for erectile dysfunction, requiring no drugs.

5. Gadgets We Love
Allana discusses male sex toys. Then Mark and Jessica get busy with different penis rings and a vibrating bullet for her. Vrrrroom!

6. Oral Pleasure
For Allana, it's about improved communications. For lovers Richard and Debra, it's about their favorite oral sex techniques –– and flavored lubes!

7. Positions That Please Partners
Yes, there are positions that help a man keep his erection going longer. You'll love what David and Rebecca come up with.

8. Going Tantric
Turn off the TV, put your phone on silent ring. It's about the journey, not the orgasm...just yet. Tantric joys include a longer lasting erection and increased intimacy with every breath you take.

9. Amazing Masturbation
Learn what pleases you first-hand! Richard and Debra masturbate for each other, then lend themselves a hand or two in mutual pleasure.

10. Get Out Of Town
A change of scenery can easily put spice back into your relationship. Trish and Falco agree to a "nooner" at a motel with some shades of role playing.

The Bonus Features of 10 Ways To Go Longer & Stronger provide you with even more visual and factual stimulation!

Pumping For Pleasure – Mark and Jessica introduce a penis pump into their sex play.

Prostate Health & Stimulation - Bettina lubes her fingers to pay a visit to Anthony's prostate, stimulating blood flow and sensitivity. Don't miss the fireworks!

Manscaping – Join our lovers in the shower as they shave each other, as Allana describes the pros and cons of a smooth look.

Pegging For Pleasure - Does Jessica enjoy lubing up her strap-on and taking Mark's anal cherry? Does Mark? You'll be surprised and informed at the same time.

Male Vigor Supplements - With so many products on the market, check out this primer on erectile dysfunction and performance enhancement.

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Running Time:

52 minutes

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21 bonus minutes


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Customer Reviews - 10 Ways to Go Longer and Stronger

Very disappointing   

on June 7, 2013

so not worth it. Very dated material. not even worth it as a FREE gift, I wasted $20!!!!
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