Sizzle: Turn Ons Vol. 2

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Sizzle: Turn Ons Vol. 2

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Reignite Your Love Life!

Learn brand new sexual techniques and games to spice up your sex life with this educational movie combo.

Sizzle: Turn Ons 2 includes:

Creative Role Play: Expanding Sexual Boundaries
This fun guide explores a wide range of role playing scenarios, highlighting everything you need to have a good time from props to costumes. Each scenario is acted out by real life couples so you and your partner can easily pick your favorite one. 35 minutes.

Discovering New Pleasure Zones
There are other ways to please your lady than just clitoral stimulation! This video explores the other erogenous zones, including how to find and stimulate her G-Spot and other less common hot spots. It also describes methods for exploring your partner’s body (male or female) to find what exactly turns them on the most! 31 minutes.

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Couples, How To Guide, Instructional


DVD, On Demand


Sinclair Institute

Running Time:

66 minutes
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