Sizzle: Turn Ons Vol. 1

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Sizzle: Turn Ons Vol. 1

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Get Your Lover’s Juices Flowing!

Discover brand-new ways to turn your lover on and break out of your sexual routine with this educational movie combo.

Turn Ons includes:

Sex Play: Top to Bottom
There’s more to sex than just intercourse! This guide covers some of those extras with things like sex toys and anal stimulation. And there are plenty of playful ways to use your tongue too! 38 minutes.

23 Creative Sexual Positions
This guide puts a creative spin on basic positions like missionary and doggy, tweaking them a little here and a little there so you can maximize your sexual pleasure without becoming a yoga expert. Real-life couples demonstrate the positions and show how little things – like lifting your hips with a pillow or squeezing your legs together – can have a big impact on your sex life. 32 minutes.

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Couples, How To Guide, Instructional


DVD, On Demand


Sinclair Institute

Running Time:

70 minutes
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