Sizzle!: The Better Sex Guide To Great Oral Sex

Sizzle!: The Better Sex Guide To Great Oral Sex

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Explore the ultimate kiss - the most intimate of sexual pleasures. Oral sex is one of the most sensual of all love play, capable of producing sensations that far surpass the pleasures of intercourse alone. Learn how pleasing your lover orally allows you to share deeper intimacy, and experience new heightened pleasures. Watch as seven real loving couples explicitly demonstrate the delicacies of oral sex designed to take your love life to a whole new level. Enjoy a world of sexual possibilities that lay at the tip of your tongue! There is nothing as divine as receiving splendidly performed oral sex. This guide will provide you with the techniques, confidence and skills to rock your partner's world and enjoy yourself in the process. All your questions will be answered, including: experimenting with hot & cold temperatures, inventive positions & locations, creative fellatio and cunnilingus techniques, toys to enhance the experience, plus informative lessons on his & her anatomy. Discover how to enhance intimacy and increase the loving pleasure in your relationship!


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