Sizzle: The Better Sex Guide To Anal Pleasure

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Sizzle: The Better Sex Guide To Anal Pleasure

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Anal Taboos Exposed –– For Your Pleasure!

Watch 'n' learn as real couples explore the pleasure of anal erotic encounters! Let the facts set you free to explore truly arousing, mutual anal pleasure. Host Jane Monreal gives you tips to maximize pleasure, the best sex toys and positions for beginners and experts alike. Jack Morin, Ph.D., the world’s leading expert on anal eroticism and sexual health, hosts a frank and factual overview of this former taboo. 12 scenes! 61 minutes + extras.

Get together with your partner to watch your Sizzle! Toys For Better Sex DVD together. Or view it by yourself to find out exactly the best way to approach and enjoy anal sex –– then share that information with your partner. Either way you'll gain a fresh new outlook at this often misunderstood sexual practice.

• Sizzle! The Better Sex Guide To Anal Pleasure DVD
• Become an anal sex expert in just one hour
• Covers the history of this once taboo topic
• Hosted by Jane Monreal
• Frank overview provided by Jack Morin, Ph.D., world class authority on anal sexual health
• Based on the book by therapist/author Jack Morin, Ph.D.
• Chapters include "Crime Against Nature," "Myths & Taboos," "Anatomy," "Preparation," "Relaxation," "Toys," "Insertion," "Sharing Pleasure," "Analingus" and "Anal Intercourse"

Both the female and male pelvic regions have many erogenous zones to explore. You'll see diagrams that explain how rectal stimulation works in concert with your genitals.

Tips like placing condoms on toys before insertion, using liberal amounts of lube or just how to get started are sensually demonstrated by an attractive cast of sexy performers.

Did you know it wasn't until 2003 that the U.S. Supreme Court repealed all laws against anal sex among consenting adults? Facts like this will help you make an informed opinion on this potentially thrilling sex position.

If anal sex is the last great taboo at your house, order up your copy of Sizzle! The Better Sex Guide To Anal Pleasure DVD and get the conversation started.

Sizzle! The Better Sex Guide To Anal Pleasure DVD was created by the Sinclair Institute, America's foremost authority on sexuality and relationships.

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Sinclair Institute

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61 minutes

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