Sizzle: Great Sex For a Lifetime Vol 1

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Sizzle: Great Sex For a Lifetime Vol 1

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Keep It Going Into Your 40's, 50's & Beyond!

Discover the secrets to romance, seduction, intimacy and the keys to sexual pleasure past your 40's and 50's! Whether you're an accomplished lover or just trying to spice up your sex life, you'll learn easy steps to reach a new level of sexual fulfillment and passion.

Intimacy expert Allana Pratt introduces you to several real-life couples on the other side of 40. Each couple demonstrates sensual massage, creative positions, exciting sex toys, finding the G spot, and satisfying oral loving techniques. Each intimate session is easy to follow, chock full of good tips and pointers. Now you can rediscover intimacy at any age and unlock the keys to heightened sensuality with this award-winning DVD. 52 minutes + 27 minutes in extras.

Sinclair Institute's Sizzle! Great Sex For A Lifetime Vol. 1 DVD has won 3 industry awards for excellence.

• Sizzle! Great Sex For A Lifetime Vol. 1 DVD
• Aimed at men, women and couples who are 40 or older
• Includes advice from clinical psychologist and sex therapist Lori Buckley, Psy.D.
• Additional information from sex, marriage and family therapist Diana Wiley, Ph.D.
• Chapters include "Sex Play," "Oral Sex," "Sexual Positions," "G-Spot," and "Lifestyles"
• Behind the scenes featurette
• Bonus films include "The Better Sex Guide To Lubricants," "Addressing Erectile Dysfunction" and "Discussing Menopause"
• Spanish language option.

Join the conversation –– then start one yourself as Rick and Debra revisit kissing and making out. Later, Shelley and Den s-l-o-w-l-y undress each other like it was their first time.

How's your oral sex been lately? Compare notes with these couples and see what they do to put a new spin on fellatio and cunnilingus.

You hear so much about the G-spot, wouldn't you like to know more about it? Here's your opportunity to explore this wonderful phenomenon in a cheerful, yet frank way.

Couples and individuals who are ready to further explore sex while building on their own experiences will find Sizzle! Great Sex For A Lifetime Vol. 1 DVD a rewarding viewing experience.

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Couples, How To Guide, Instructional


DVD, On Demand


Sinclair Institute

Running Time:

52 minutes

Bonus Material Running Time:

27 minutes

Customer Reviews - Sizzle: Great Sex For a Lifetime Vol 1

excellent dvd   

Anonymous on March 23, 2015

This is the first dvd my wife and i both watched till the end very well done lox
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