Sizzle: A Lover's Guide To Self Pleasuring DVD

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Sizzle: A Lover's Guide To Self Pleasuring DVD Features


Love Yourself, Love Your Partner!

There's a great tool to learn what you like sexually and how to show your partner: masturbation! Straight, gay or other –– about 99% of the world masturbates. Dr. Beverly Whipple and Dr. Eli Coleman share the hottest techniques for self-pleasuring demonstrated by super-sexy couples, women and men. See how you can prolong the pleasure of sex, find the best sex toys and how striptease can put an end to that "same-old same old" sex routine! 10 scenes. 60 minutes.

The secret's out – masturbation is a key to sexual growth and can even redefine your idea of sex.

No matter how long you've been masturbating, there's always some new trick or approach you can explore –– then share.

• Sizzle! A Lover's Guide To Self Pleasuring DVD
• Learn about the health benefits of masturbation
• See how the clinically proven Stop-Start method can prolong sex for both partners
• See first hand how some women prefer to masturbate –– especially the G-spot
• Find out what male masturbation devices are best for prolonging orgasm
• Attractive couples, women and men show you new ways to masturbate and how to share during foreplay
• Chapters include "Old Myths," "Anatomy," "Benefits Of Masturbation," "Masturbation Accessories," "Anal Stimulation," "The Feeling's Mutual," "Dance For Me" and "Call Me"
• Spanish language option
• Produced by the world renowned Sinclair Institute

Benefits Of Masturbation
1. It feels good
2. A release when your partner's not available
3. A way to learn what feels good to you
4. A safe sex practice

Rabbit vibrators, stroke sleeves, wand massagers and anal sex toys are just some of clearly explicit methods explored on your copy of Sizzle! A Lover's Guide To Self Pleasuring DVD.

See how hot mutual masturbation can be when real-life couples play out a phone sex fantasy, perform an adventurously delightful striptease and demonstrate mutual passion by using well selected toys.

Couples, women and men will find something new and exciting to enjoy on the Sizzle! A Lover's Guide To Self Pleasuring DVD. Liven up your solo play, and your foreplay. Get your copy today.

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60 minutes

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