Do you like rough sex? Perhaps you enjoy intense physical sensations and nothing turns you on more than the hard thud from a good slap or the feeling of someone pulling your hair. Or you want to explore highly charged fantasies and power dynamics. Maybe you're looking for a way to create a deeper and more intimate bond with your partner. Whatever reasons you have for wanting to rough up your sex life, let award-winning adult film star Penny Flame and her friends share their secrets for how to make it safe, fun, and sexy. You'll learn; how to communicate, establish consent, and set limits, which parts of the body can be roughed up and which can't, how to choose an effective safeword, tips for spanking, face slapping, and hair pulling in a safe way, three different kinds of slapping techniques, dominant/submissive and psychological roleplay.

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Vivid Ed

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Penny Flame

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