101 Positions For Lovers

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101 Positions For Lovers

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Watch amateur couples demonstrate 101 sex positions!
Filmed with real-life couples at Hedonism II in Jamaica!

Filled with 101 different sexual positions – from “All Aboard” to the “X-Factor,” this adult educational title will spice up your love life for sure!

The positions were selected by noted sexual educator Jamye Waxman and offer something for every experience level – from Beginner to Adult Star Acrobatics. The 101 scenes are further divided based on your needs, giving you positions for clitoral stimulation, G Spot stimulation, ones to increase his endurance and more.

Each sexual position is carefully shot from multiple angles to give you a fully detailed and close-up view of the action so you can easily try it out for yourself. The positions are narrated by Jamye Waxman, explaining the position and sharing tricks and tips to help make it easier for you!

Best of all, this movie was made with real-life amateur couples selected after a nationwide casting search. Even with no adult movie background, these couples were still able to work their way up from beginning positions to adult star acrobatics – proving that you and your lover can do the same thing if you’re willing to try!

Even if you stick to just one position each week, it will still take you just under 2 years to go through all 101 positions… and that’s not counting how much time it will take to master them! 72 minutes, plus 69 bonus minutes.

Adam and Eve recommends this adult movie for anyone interested in learning more sex positions to increase their repertoire.

Some of the 101 sexual positions include: Rub a Dub Dub, Rocket Launcher, Pink Flamingo, Laying Lotus, Skin Slide, Citizen’s Arrest, Assisted Wheelbarrow, Caped Crusader, Ankles & Ass, The Fire Hydrant, The Swimmer and dozens more!

Adult movie bonus material includes: couples audition tapes, interviews and a behind the scenes featurette.

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Customer Reviews - 101 Positions For Lovers

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Bad narration   

Anonymous on May 14, 2014

Overall bad movie. Narrator was getting on my nerves.
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on October 4, 2010

Don't buy this DVD, it's terrible.
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