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Maid For Love Features


An Erotic Modern Day Cinderella Story!

Couples Friendly!

After losing her boyfriend, Annabelle (fresh Victoria Lawson) takes a maid's job for millionaire Steven and his bitchy fiancée Donna (cute Lily LaBeau). Steven's buddy Randall has just moved in and still yearns for Sunday morning sex with his talented ex (bendy girl Amber Rayne).

Meanwhile, Donna makes life miserable for Annabelle while keeping her place on Steven's cock! See how Annabelle's sweet charms displace Donna with a joyful bathtub blow-job amidst waves of doggie style orgasms! 127 minutes + 90 minutes of extras.

Sex scenes include:

Mike (Rocco Reed) and Rachel (Jesse Andrews) share a warm romp in bed. They playfully kiss and he is quite good at undressing her with ease. A very smooth player. Like a gentleman, he goes down on her first, inspiring her to commit herself to an in kind blow-job. The lighting is gentle, not glaring and by the time they're done, the post-coital kissing is special. Until you see his girlfriend walk in ask what's going on...!

The couple Annabelle works for Steven (Richie Calhoun) and Donna (Lily LaBeau) have different ideas about her role as a maid in their household. Steven offers to make Annabelle coffee at the beginning of her shift in the morning, while Donna likes to burden her with as much dirty grunt work as possible –– just so she'll know her place. Behind closed doors, the happy couple puts aside their differences on domestic help with passionate sex that begins the moment Donna rubs Steven's crotch with a wink. This petite blonde really loves rocking on top of her man during cowgirl! She seems to enjoy her role as an otherwise unemployed kept woman.

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BJs, Blowjobs, Couples, Housewives, Oral, Oral Sex, Wet Sex


Adam & Eve Pictures

Running Time:

127 minutes

Number of Sex Scenes:


Bonus Material Running Time:

90 bonus minutes


DVD, On Demand
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