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Penthouse ‘Couples Tape of the Month’

What does Ariel, our heroine, do with her sexual awakening in a world where sex is forbidden unless it’s for procreation? In Femme’s long awaited 35 mm feature, Candida Royalle explores what life might be like in a world without love, passion and romance. Can the human spirit and its need for love and passion be contained?

Running Time: 82 minutes.

“Revelations is a gorgeously made film that shows it took a lot of thought and time for Royalle.” -IWAdult

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Candida Royalle

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DVD, On Demand

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Spock on April 5, 2008

I have several of the Candida movies. They are usually a bit more sensual and tells a good story. This tells a good story about what it would be like if government regulated everything-even sex. The scenes weren't as exciting as the other movies, but overall a good movie.
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