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Nina Hartley, Melissa Hill, Missy, Shanna McCullough, Gina Rome, Peter Romera, Tom Byron, Alex Sanders and Mark Davis with a cameo appearance by Candida Royalle.

Our tale begins in a vintage clothing shop where a strangely seductive dress shows up for sale and leads us on a journey of sizzling sexual intrigue. Unaware of how this dress has played a role in each of their lives, a group of friends recounts in hilarious detail their own adventure while wearing this provocative playsuit! Missy describes her explosive encounter with a charming cad...Shanna McCollugh reveals her searing seduction of an uptight beau...and Gina Rome confesses her dressing room tryst with a randy salesman! Nina Hartley unravels her racy run-in with Missy’s deceptive cad, and Melissa Hill’s casting couch audition with a hunky hopeful is both funny and stirring! With lots of unexpected twists and turns in Candida Royalle’s most sensually explicit movie yet, ONE SIZE FITS ALL proves that sex and humor are a wantonly winning combination!

79 minutes.


Extras: Director’s Commentary Photo Scrapbook Message from candida Trailers
Nominated for AVN’s Best Actress (Melissa Hill), Best Actor (Tom Byron), Best Director and Editor.
“This smart carnal Candida Royalle comedy in five acts offers a week’s worth of funny, hot vignettes.” - Lori Seto, Playboy Magazine

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Candida Royalle

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Customer Reviews - One Size Fits All

Great Intro for new couple and singles   

persistent , horny, and hopeful on October 11, 2008

I previewed this movie alone first and I was very exited about the results. I wouuld reccomend this movie for new couples who are comfortable with each other and explicit sex. It is also great for those lonely women to watch by themselves as the eroticism and fantasy are very hot. My hubby and I have been having problems for years that had left us with a sexless marriage. After a recent midlife crisis , we have decided to try to make it work once again knowing the problems associated with it. My sexuality has been renewed, but not his desire in me. As I've been struggling with pain and persistance to encourage the sexual passion of years past, nothing has been working. Finally he did agree and was interested in this movie I bought. I seized the moment and put it in. The plot was decent and the sex scenes were hot and erotic enough to get him up- twice! There was plenty of explicit sex to keep him interested, but not too uncomfortable to be shared. This was probaly because it was a comedy, had somewhat corny, funny and stupid lines you could laugh at, and short sequels. It was a good first step for us-I hope.I can probaly get him to watch it again, or something similar to it. Men should watch it because most women would enjoy the lovemaking scenes and can only dream to have sex like that, and you might learn some tips she'd enjoy. Women might get their shy husbands to watch it, and hope they get horny enough to "get some". And us lonely women can watch it alone and still enjoy it with their toys. I hope I can find similar movies to keep the ball()rolling- so to speak. Watch it alone to prepare your lover for it. I never thought I'd want to watch these kinds of movies with my husband- boy was I wrong. The hardcore porn is for your own private times, this is the type of movie you could watch and enjoy with someone , or by yourself. Enjoy it and get what you can out of the results, even if it is just the fantsy!
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Didn't do it for us   

on September 30, 2008

We didn't even watch the entire film. There was just not enough actual "sex" for us. The story was pretty corny as well.
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kind of lame   

on July 2, 2008

the story line was kind of lame, and the sex seen leave much to be desired.
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Just OK   

on June 26, 2008

I was really hoping that since this was made by a woman, that it would be more "romantic". It was ok, but a bit corny.
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