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Female Fantasies

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10 Edgy Fantasies From A Woman's View!

Candida Royalle, the author of How to Tell a Naked Man What to Do and star of 25 adult film classics, has unleashed a very unruly and naughty Female Fantasies DVD, directed by Petra Joy. It's filled with anything-goes parties, lady-to-lady action, men who favor men and of course, women who love studly metro-sexual men! 53 minutes + 33 minutes of extras.

• Female Fantasies DVD
• 10 sexual fantasies from a female perspective for the adult connoisseur
• No stars, just real-life lovers
• Directed by British award-winning "art-core" director Petra Joy

Award winning director Petra Joy continues her exploration of women's erotica with Female Fantasies DVD, a visually stunning tableau of sensual delights.

This DVD was created from a woman's viewpoint, placing her at the center of the action –– or in some cases, as an observer. It's all here, from experiencing several skilled lovers at once...to getting your just-deserts on the kitchen counter, spying some buff eye-candy –– even a sensual parody of a car-wash gone wild!

Get ready to be transported to the inner dirty thoughts of a female mind. Shot with real-life lovers, your Female Fantasies DVD is a rare filmed experience –– capturing authentic chemistry and desire. Witness these wild dreams and make your own come...true!

Scene 1: Pleasure Me - a blindfolded woman's restless night of sleep somehow brings in a roomful of men and women eager to help...
Scene 2: Cabaret - step right up to a sensual shadow play of strippers and burlesque queens.
Scene 3: Eye Candy - is Chris in the shower with a bar of soap to alleviate his sexual tension...
Scene 4: Car Wash - Emilia's car gets washed and she gets a lube job.
Scene 5: The Big Blue - naked bodies cavort and connect under water.
Scene 6: The Blindfold - Maximus is naked and blindfolded. Is he sure his female partner is who she is supposed to be?
Scene 7: Cookies & Cream - Lili and Violetta enjoy baking. In the nude. Tasty things happen...there's no bitchin' in this kitchen!
Scene 8: Cruising - go behind the scenes in a male gay bar scene when Lili shows up with a strap-on –– prepare to be shocked!
Scene 9: Secret Agent - an erotic shadow play where nipples and other body parts do the interrogating...
Scene 10: Wildest Dreams - Emilia, Marc, Adam, Lili, Violette and Maximus get very fetishy. Oral appetizers are followed by a main course...

"Petra Joy lives up to her name, creating joyous, uninhibited erotica for women...and men!"
–– Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D.,  Filmmaker, Golden Age Star

Adam & Eve recommends Candida Royalle's presentation of Female Fantasies DVD, directed by Petra Joy, to women, men and couples looking for an alternative to traditional, male-dominated entertainment.

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Running Time:

53 minutes

Number of Sex Scenes:


Bonus Material Running Time:

33 bonus minutes


DVD, On Demand

Customer Reviews - Female Fantasies

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Not our cup of tea.   

on February 27, 2013

There were some goods scenes and some that were not appealing at all. Wife was looking forward to a female point of view but this was not the point of view she was expecting.
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