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Afrodite Superstar
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Afrodite Superstar

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For Women, By Women!

AVN Spotlight Pick - Rated AAAA (out of four)

Simone Valentino (Afrodite) Won “Best New Star” Emma Award at Feminist Porn Awards, Toronto, June 2007

Nominated for 7 AVN Awards, including Best Video Feature

When Mr. Marcus hears Simone Valentino rapping her heart out at a local club, he uses his ties in the music industry to turn her into a hip-hop superstar! Simone has to deal with jealous competitors, crazed fans, the occasional wardrobe malfunction, a lip synching debacle and more before she rises to the top and finds true love.

Scene 1: After watching a sexually charged music video, Simone becomes overcome with passion!  

Scene 2: Rapper Justin Long finds Ishtar lying on his bed. After some playful teasing, Ishtar asks him to take her right then and there!

Scene 3: India and Liliana Velasquez discover a common love of art before drawing all over each other with finger paints.

Scene 4: Jay Junker and Sativa Verte reach an understanding about their feelings for each other and celebrate on the hood of Jay's new candy red Hummer!

Scene 5: Simone finally realizes that all of her troubles has only made her stronger while pulling her closer and closer to Mr. Marcus. After breaking down the last wall holding them apart, Simone seduces Mr. Marcus in a super-romantic scene that will tug at your heartstrings...and give you a few ideas to try out!

“Besides all the hotness and chemistry between performers, the plot is really engaging…and the sizzling coupling between Simone Valentino and Mr. Marcus actually made us utter the word "Sweet!" out loud in a quiet movie theater… ” -Audacia Ray,

“… layered with seduction, passion and hip comedy in a well written story… top rate with skillful sets, solid camera work and all around impressive production. AfroDite Superstar is a breath of fresh air with its sex-positive delivery. This is a film which can be enjoyed by many including couples, people into women of color or just plain regular fans of Candida Royalle's Femme Productions.”  -

“Full of profound insights, fantastic original hip-hop songs and hilarious video vixen spoofs this film puts the typical lily-white offerings of the mainstream porn industry to shame. Beautifully shot with all of the high production values, focus on fabulous female pleasure and general hotness that Candida fans have come to expect. Stunning newcomer Simone Valentino sizzles in every scene and her final showdown with Mr, Marcus will definitely wear your rewind button out! You’ll want to watch the whole thing, guaranteed.”

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Venus Hottentot

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Customer Reviews - Afrodite Superstar

OK story   

on May 12, 2009

This dvd had a storyline, but there was no porn. I was disappointed.
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Sexy film   

on May 2, 2009

I liked the film it had a good feel for erotic porn. The story line was good too....the vibrator scene was off the chain!
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on April 6, 2008

This dvd was enjoyable as it had a storyline, not in your face porn.
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on February 29, 2008

This film is for those who like a storyline with intimate content. The sex scenes are beautifully filmed, especially the last scene. Nice film to watch with your partner. The characters look like real people, not overly made up. The sex scenes are realistic as well. The dancing and rap scenes are hillarious but enjoyable to watch! Good humor, sex and storyline sum up this film.
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