A Taste of Ambrosia

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A Taste of Ambrosia

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THE PICK-UP - Written and directed by Veronica Hart who takes us on a sizzling journey between two strangers who find each other on the streets of New York. All is not as it appears, though, as we see in her touchingly funny surprise ending.
Starring Latin and alluring Alexis Firestone breaking in newcomer Rugby Rhodes.

NINE LIVES HATH MY LOVE - A mysterious tongue in cheek story written and directed by Candida Royalle about one woman's solution to having to choose between her man and her cats.
Starring superstar Jeanna Fine in one of her early roles, along with handsome Randy Paul.

Photo gallery with commentary by Candida Royalle
Message from Candida
Bio About Candida Royalle
Previews for other Femme DVD's
Preview for Natural Contours

Hear what the critics have said about "TASTE OF AMBROSIA":
PENTHOUSE – “Both segments had this viewer aroused, and both are extremely well-shot. Gary Window’s background music enhances the flick’s sensuality, and there’s a sax solo that’s especially sexy in the Veronica Hart-directed sequence…Ambrosia should definitely be a hit with the women…”

Michael Evans, VIDEO REVEIW - "The relaxed pace is a delightful tease...and Jeanna Fine's seduction of randy Randy is beautifully lit and beautifully shot.....The scorching scene between "perfect strangers" Rugby Rhodes and combustible Alexis Firestone is a pistol-hot highlight."

VIDEO INSIDER - "...an X-rated tape with a lot of romance and story line, and a little intelligence."

From a viewer: “I recently had the pleasure of seeing two excellent productions that compose the video Taste of Ambrosia on the Playboy Channel…If the rest of your features are anywhere near the quality of these two, I’ll be eager to see them all.”
-Mr. J.M.
Waukegan, IL

From a video store owner: “Watched Taste of Ambrosia last night. Your product is superb! Just what our customers are looking for.”
-Ms. L.E.
Bethel, WA

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Customer Reviews - A Taste of Ambrosia

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Slow and boring   

on September 18, 2008

Thought this would be better than the Male oriented movies but it was just boring. we laughed more than anything. Not a turn on at all. One good thing is there were no face shots!
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