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12 Ways To Boost Your Libido Features


Explores A Woman's Erotic Potential For Better Sex!

A healthy, happy life includes great sex! This easy-paced DVD uses real-life couples and professional sex therapists to demonstrate a dozen different ways to rekindle sensual passion with simple, at-home techniques, suggestions and advice.

By the end of this female-focused instructional DVD, you'll see mind and body exercises that release endorphins to increase both your brain power –– and sexual desire. 71 minutes + 18 minutes of extras.

1. Exercise For Better Sex: Rebecca stretches and does Yoga with David.
2. The "Quickie": Trish and Falco use the shower for a sweet one.
3. Sensual Massage: Jessica is blindfolded. Mark uses massage oil, ice and feather for massage. A glass toy is also introduced!
4. Oral Revival: David and Rebecca demonstrate foreplay, David shows cunnilingus play with and without a sex toy.
5. Vibrators & Other Fun Toys: Richard and Debra try out different sex toys. Check out the remote control vibrating panty she wears to dinner.
6. Position Pleasure: enhanced missionary and various standing positions can boost performance.
7. G-spot Love: David and Rebecca show how stimulate the G-spot with toys designed for that purpose.
8. Awesome Anal: Mark and Jessica build up ever so slowly, demonstrating trust and increased intimacy.
9. Fantasy & Bondage: Richard and Debra get into light bondage, dominant/submissive play with restraints, feathers and whips.
10. Erotica: watching XXX movies and making your own adult video can be exciting.
11. Romance: see how women are from V.E.N.I.S. (Very Erotic Non-Insertion Sex)!
12. Pole Dancing: tips encouraged, please! This pop culture phenomenon comes into the bedroom for some surprising benefits.

Bonus options include integrating music and dance, masturbation tips, kegel exercises and navigating menopause. Replay chapters that most interest you at first, or share them.

Four loving couples demonstrate positions you'll want to try, G-spot stimulation, fantasy role playing with blindfolds and feathers, great toys for solo or partner play, cunnilingus lessons for him, anal stimulation, quickies in and out of the shower, sensual massage, all in all, a generous menu of erotic pleasures.

The 12 Ways To Boost Your Libido DVD was created for women by leading sex educators and doctors. You'll gain a new understanding of female anatomy and how tantalizing techniques enhance pleasure –– and increase sexual desire.

You can watch 12 Ways To Boost Your Libido alone or with your partner. Experimenting with your body is exciting and a sure way to peak interest, pleasure and desire. Your 12 Ways To Boost Your Libido DVD will help you and your partner rediscover each other and experience the best sex ever.

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Running Time:

71 minutes

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Bonus Material Running Time:

18 bonus minutes

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