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Getting Pegged 2 Features


Hot Gals Put Erect Rubber To Boyfriend's Butt!

An Adam & Eve Exclusive

For Judy DeMaggio, turnabout is fair play! After Pierre plumbs her tight rear, it's his turn to take her the hilt between his cheeks! Kathy Sweet plays with Ricky's rump and the moment she thinks he's ready –– out comes her big ol' strap-on to boink his bottom! Tereza gives her boyfriend a royal rimming before massaging and probing his prostate with 6 inches of hard rubber! Don't miss the blow-job Sandra's strap-on gets from her man Lee! 237 minutes.

Pegging videos are a recent phenomenon in the world of adult entertainment on DVD. This DVD is not available anywhere else online or in stores.

The idea of role reversal (or hole reversal) when it comes to anal sex is an exciting one for many fans of this genre. Bossy babes wearing sexy strap-ons usually do other hot chicks –– but wait until the tables are turned on their boyfriends and husbands! Bend over big boy, here it comes!

Adam & Eve has found some of the hottest pegging videos around and collected them on one 4 hour DVD. You get 12 full-length scenes showing how these couples get warmed up for some totally crazy and formerly taboo action!

Although each scene may not show it, you can rest assured that copious amounts of personal lubricant were used in the making of your Getting Pegged 2 DVD.

Adam & Eve recommends Getting Pegged 2 DVD to anyone who is the least bit curious in the idea of beautiful women topping their compliant men with hefty hard strap-ons.

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Bel-Air Home Video

Running Time:

237 minutes

Number of Sex Scenes:


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