Rawhide II: Dirty Deeds

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Rawhide II: Dirty Deeds
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Rawhide II: Dirty Deeds  
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Rawhide II: Dirty Deeds

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Cowgirls Ride 'em Hard In The Wild West!
Includes award-winning original Rawhide for free!
3-disc set features over 5.5 hours of content & hours more of extras!

“Beautifully shot and edited. Kayden Kross is irresistible. This one is a can’t-miss. Bree Olson has never been so good at being so bad!”
–– Dan Miller Editor-in-Chief AVN magazine/avn.com

An evil land developer (Bree Olson) wants to steal Kayden Kross' ranch out from under her pretty blonde ass! But Kayden's willing to do anything to keep her home!

You've never seen Bree so bad...and hot! She demands casual sex from her henchmen and women! Face full of cock or lips-on-labia, it's all the same. Local sheriff Evan Stone looks after Kayden's physical needs since she lost her man. Those needs include a good dicking!

Bree's lust for power, land and pussy knows no limits. See her laugh with lusty pleasure as she fondles a huge dildo and sits on Jenna Haze's face. Tori Black resists Bree's bi-sexuality for a chance at some real cock.

A stranger (Tommy Gunn) drifts in looking for work at Kayden's ranch and inside her jeans. Bree attempts to lure Tommy away with her favorite pair of titty bar dancers, busty knock-outs Alanah Rae and Angie Savage. They tear up the stage with slit-lovin', hip-grindin', tit-shakin' moves! At the same time a waitress (Nicole Ray) puts out to pay off a debt with a sloppy-wet blow-job in the men's room!

Witness pent-up desire unleashed in a ball-draining, puss-pleasing romp when Kayden and Tommy finally get it on!

This is just the calm before the storm. Don't miss the finale's battle royale! The screen literally explodes with a showdown worthy of any great western! You'll be holding on to your popcorn...and more! 175 minutes + hours in extras. Original Rawhide features 10 action-packed scenes and runs an additional 164 minutes.

Scene 1: Miles away from the main house, ranch hand Anthony Rosano finds time for a little trysting under an oak tree with pretty Kristina. In her Daisy Dukes she tries to throat his cock. But it's doggie style that finally finds their groove on this pretty day.
Scene 2: Kayden flashes back to an outdoor hook-up in the back of a pickup truck. She happily gulps down Erik like desert at a picnic! He's so hard now, he just has to enter her in as many positions as he can stand! She marvels at the output of his huge cock! Kayden Kross has one amazing ass and it looks even better under a big blue sky!

Scene 3: If you love bad girls, then Bree Olson will make you come in your pants. Naturally a bad, bad girl like her wants sex and she wants it nasty and on-demand. Well-hung Ben English is more than happy to thrust his hefty member inside her hungry pussy! Bree is grabbing the sheets loose and biting her pillow –– now that's a proper shagging!

Scene 4: The sheriff comes by frequently to help Kayden get some sexual satisfaction. She is more than happy to suck that big dick up hard and ride it! Tonight the spoon position bangs her doors good.

Scene 5: When she's not being evil, Bree likes to party. Naked. A new party girl (Tori Black) is brought by for Bree to taste. Tori resists Bree's bi-sexual leer and goes outside for some air. Meanwhile Bree selects her second option for a girlie snack (Jenna Haze). It's like watching girl-on-girl make-out-drunk-in-a-bar sex! Bree goes face first into Jenna's appealing puss, showing her what she likes. Out comes a rather LARGE dong, dildo, what-have-you and the girls mount it and get off...they like it best with a toy in pussy and one in ass!

Scene 6: You can practically hear the vibrators and squeals in the distance. The girl who wouldn't eat pussy with Evil Bree finds herself alone out by the pool. Marcus London walks over and must smell pretty good to Tori. In seconds her mouth has traveled down to his already-hard cock. You'll love how sexy Tori looks by the pool, just full of hard dick.

Scene 7: With a swagger and evil grin, Bree herds in a pair of leggy, luscious titted blondes (Alanah Rae, Angie Savage), puts money inside their generous cleavage and tells them to go on stage and put on a show... This is like every tit bar fantasy you've ever had! Alanah and Angie start with a slow grind, then add spins and get physically intimate with each other, groping breasts, grabbing ass. Stark naked, they go tit-to-tit and rub 'em together good. Their fingers trail south and find some hot bald pussy to tickle. Alanah and Angie are locked in a kiss.

Scene 8: Meanwhile, another henchman (Tony DeSergio) finds the waitress who still owes him money. So this debt-ridden honey (Nicole Ray) asks if a blow-job could be her bail-out.

Scene 9: Who does the Sheriff work for? Well, isn't that Bree Olson's bald porn star pussy in his mouth? He loses his uniform and gets a hot blow-job. Bree rides his cock cowgirl. Is he on the take for money AND pussy?

Scene 10: Kayden and Gunn make up for lost time in her bedroom. Candles burn brightly as she wraps her pretty lips around his thick boner. Gunn eats pussy like it was the first course of an expensive meal. When they put his cock in, it's a couple of hot positions before she rocks on it, rubbing her clit to come.

The Blu Ray product does not include the original Rawhide DVD starring Carmen Luvana.

This item may not be eligible for all discounts.

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Jenna Haze, Bree Olson, Evan Stone, Kayden Kross, Tommy Gunn



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3-Disc Collector's Edition


Adam & Eve Pictures


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Customer Reviews - Rawhide II: Dirty Deeds

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Blu-Ray success   

on April 12, 2010

Would love to see more titles in Blue-ray
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foots on April 12, 2010

Great movie!!! This is actually a movie with a plot. The sex scenes are great! The plot is good. If your wife does not like all sex try this movie!
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BiBeauty on April 5, 2010

This is by far the best porn my boyfriend and I have ever watched. It had a story so good that you could watch it and fast forward through the sex scenes (yea right. The sex was great, story was great, just an overall A plus movie!
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on March 19, 2010

Great Movie
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